D Rajender who failed in his struggle no matter how much .. The reaction that came from Simbu movie

It is as easy for heirs to get a chance in cinema as it is in politics. But it is a very difficult thing to maintain. Thus D Rajender’s son Simbu made his debut in cinema as a child star.

After that he gave many hit films and became a well known actor. But Simbu has been embroiled in controversy to the extent of controversy. At that time he was accompanied by his father D Rajender.

D Rajendran, who was a pillar of Simbu’s cinema career, has overcome many problems. An example of this is Simbu’s last conference film. The biggest problem was the release of the film.

The producer of the film was adamant that the film would not be released on the said date. But DR went up to the court and fought for the release of the film. Also the conference film was released and became a blockbuster hut. The conference film boosted Simbu’s market share as Simbu continued to give failed films.

Thus DR is the companion in all things as good and bad as her son. In this situation, on the eve of Labor Day, on May 1, all the televisions competed and aired the films released this year.

In which Vijay TV aired the conference film. But DR, Vijay tried hard to prevent the conference film from being aired on TV. But beyond that, the Vijay TV conference telecast the film and made the DRP jump.

If Vijay TV airs a film, they will continue to delete it and make people hate the film. That’s how they continued to air films like Kumki, Friend, Anywhere, Anytime and bored the fans. This is why DR has made the issue early on that Vijay TV should not be given the conference film alone.

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