Dakota Johnson makes her producing debut at Sundance: ‘A really big deal’


Dakota Johnson is having a broad year. No longer handiest is she piece of certainly some of the season’s broad awards contenders in The Misplaced Daughter, but she’s furthermore precise debuted her company’s first two movies on the Sundance Movie Festival, AM I OK? and Cha Cha Genuine Tender, which she produced and stars in, too.

The projects are moderately varied: In AM I OK? she performs a persona in her early 30s in Los Angeles who is questioning her sexuality and figuring out who she is and desires to be, and in Cha Cha Genuine Tender she’s the younger mother to a teenage daughter who is autistic, who develops a special relationship with a 22-year-frail played by the movie’s creator-director, Cooper Raiff. Every movies are looking out out for a distributor.

Johnson spoke to The Connected Press about this modern piece in her profession and the advantages of being a producer. Remarks maintain been edited for clarity and brevity.

How are you feeling that every and each movies maintain screened for Sundance audiences?

We were so excited to scamper to Sundance. It’s a in actuality broad deal. They’re my company’s first two movies and we made them each and each all the diagram thru the pandemic and we feel so proud. We in actuality care about them and the oldsters alive to. So, it’s sad but it absolutely’s frigid to maintain them be virtual as a consequence of a bunch of folks that I didn’t know would be ready to gape it are reaching out, so as that feels factual.

Attain you’re feeling a sense of ownership of these projects in a special formulation being a producer?

Fully. The thing I cherished the most was the modifying course of and scoring and coloration and issues that I by no formulation procure to be making an allowance for as precise an actress. I salvage myself in general bumping up against that moderately in my profession. I in actuality care about my job. I esteem my job so much. And when I feel treasure my job as an actor or my participation in the mission ends the day I scamper away space, it would maybe well even be in actuality sophisticated. It’ll even be in actuality sad whenever you don’t search for the rest or hear the rest till or presumably you’re going to construct ADR (re-recording audio) or you search for it map out and most ceaselessly it’s no longer what you belief it was going to be or it’s no longer the movie you signed on to. It’ll even be painful for my creative course of. So this was in actuality tremendous and gratifying in a formulation that I in actuality revel in.

Had you been alive to to initiate your indulge in company, TeaTime Images co-based mostly with Ro Donnelly, for a while?

I continuously wished to construct more. I continuously wished to form my indulge in movies. We began it nearly three years ago. Ro, my industry partner, was an exec at Netflix. We were friends first and I was precise treasure, “I wish to construct this and construct you wanna construct this with me?” And that was a broad thing as a consequence of I was in general treasure, “Or no longer it is miles going to be mandatory to proceed your very actual, happy, extremely nice job and desire a chance on me”… It’s frigid as a consequence of now it’s in actuality roughly thriving and it has a existence and it has a heartbeat.

What did you join with in AM I OK?

I there maintain been a few issues that I cherished, but I feel it was the muse of a girl in her 30s peaceable figuring out who she is. And I in actuality esteem the muse of folks being allowed to construct that for his or her complete lives in the event that they wish to. I don’t think it is miles real looking to maintain everything figured out by a definite age. I cherished the muse of any individual being alarmed of their sexuality and the real fact of it. And then the female friendship facet, I beloved that form of more intense enviornment matter was infused in a form of buddy comedy.

AM I OK? was already in the works by the time to gain right here on but with Cha Cha, you were in actuality there from the origin, ethical?

We developed it from it precise being the muse of a title of a movie. Cooper and I in actuality fleshed out the dialogue and the characters and we fought so exhausting to procure that movie made. We forfeited our payment. He forfeited his payment so as that we would maybe well furthermore give you the money for to form the movie. And I precise feel so incredibly proud that it gets to be making an allowance for a festival treasure Sundance. It’s a staunch present, despite the real fact that that was treasure the discontinue of the line for the movie, which treasure, I in actuality (expletive) hope it’s no longer.

Might maybe directing furthermore be for your future?

I construct esteem the muse of constructing my indulge in movie, but I preserve finding myself feeling treasure I’m peaceable finding out.

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