Dave Batista turned down the idea of ​​playing Bane in DC comics adaptations

Dave Batista turned down the idea of ​​playing Bane in DC comics adaptations

Despite his best efforts, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy star Dave Bautista has come to realize that he was not destined to play DC Comics villain Bane. According to the actor, this was confirmed during his meetings with the DC Universe superintendent at Warner Bros. James Gunn. “We’ve been talking to James about it, but I think the direction he’s going in right now is completely resetting this whole universe, he’s starting from scratch and everything is getting younger and fresher and I think that’s what needs to be done.” , – in particular, said Dave Bautista during a press conference to promote his upcoming film ” Knock on the Door “.

“I think the DC Universe needs to start from scratch, and I think it needs to start with young actors,” continued Dave Bautista, 54. “You need to start making plans for the next 15 years, and I just don’t think that it can be done in my case. And I understand that. And besides, I don’t want to play a character that I can’t do justice to. I don’t think at this point in my career I could do Baine justice. I just don’t I know if I could handle the physical part, and I don’t think I would have had the guts to plan ahead for films, so I just don’t know if I would be the right guy for it.”

A rep for the actor later dimmed when exactly the conversations between Dave Bautista and James Gunn took place , stating, “James Gunn and Dave have been discussing this for the past ten years, but not since James took over DC.”

Dave Batista’s attempts to get the role of Bane

Back in 2021, Dave Bautista revealed he directed Warner Bros. in the knowledge that he would like to get the role of Batman’s nemesis. “I don’t make a secret of it,” Dave Bautista said at the time. “I want to play Bane so badly that I went to Warner Bros., arranged a meeting with them, arranged with DC, walked in the door and said, ‘I want I’m not joking. They were a little dumbfounded, “Wow, we’re not even casting for Bane.” I’m like, “I don’t care, I want to play him.”

Recall that the role of the DC supervillain, known for breaking the back of Batman himself, in Christopher Nolan’s film “The Dark Knight 2: The Legend Rises” was played by Tom Hardy.


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