DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: Here’s What You Missed in “Bad Blood”

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: Here’s What You Missed in “Bad Blood”

The episode opens on John Constantine opening a pack of cigerettes, and pulling nicotine gum out of it. The Crowley painting is ranting at him, and John leaves a chunk of gum on Crowley’s forehead. He tells him to give up the location of the map to the Fountain of Imperium, or he will desecrate the painting with his bodily fluids.

Crowley tells Constantine to find the banker he shared it with — a woman, who turns out to be a vampire. John tricks her into giving him the map, but she threatens to come back later and take revenge, then leaves a potion behind that she implies Constantine will be begging for more of later.

On the Waverider, Behrad, Nate, and Gary in his alien form sing a lullaby to the baby alien from last week. Shortly after it falls asleep, though, it wakes up shrieking. Spooner says she has no patience for translating for the baby alien.

After Constantine deduces that the Fountain is likely in Spain, Spooner is called on to “read” Kayla’s egg sac on the back of Rory’s neck. Just before she starts telling them anything, John calls her away to have a drink and tells her that he is looking for the Fountain, and asks her to translate the map. She says that according to the map, only those who are worthy can drink from teh fountain, and the pair head to Albacente, Spain, in 1939. Constantine warns Spooner that there has been a recent civil and class war, and deduces that they are lookign for a man known as El Gato, who had survived so many assassination attempts that he assumes El Gato must have drank from the Fountain.

They head to a local bar, and the owners pull a gun on them, believing them to be fascist spies. John talks them out of it, and the pair get drinks.

On the ship, Rory is still in denial about being “pregnant.” As they’re arguing at the table, Nate and Zari come in to reveal that the alien is aging rapidly, and becoming hormonal and huge.

Back at the bar, the tavern owner tells John that El Gato gained power by drinking from the udders of a magical donkey in the next town over. However, John and Spooner notice that a patron in the bar is acting cagey, and find their way to the wine cellar to what they assume will be the fountain. They find a young man reading a comic book about a Zorro-like woman, whom he identifies with Spooner. She can read his thoughts, implying he has drunk from the fountain. Upstairs, a Capitan Noriega enters the bar, asking for El Gato on Hitler’s behalf.

Noriega says that his specialty is fairy tales — that he has studied the Spear of Destiny and the Loom of Fate, and now this. He instructs his men to line up the people in the bar and shoot them one by one until he talks. The owner says that he’s El Gato, and surrenders, and Noriega shoots him. The boy comes running from downstairs and holds the man’s hand, healing him, but Spooner is captured as a result. Constantine is watching all of this from behind a wall, and the fascists are set to search the tavern and arrest everyone. Constantine runs out, and nearly succumbs to the temptation to use the vial that the vampire gave him, then heads back.

On the Waverider, Rory and his daughter are hearing sounds of a battle, as Gus-Gus has continued to grow at a rapid rate. Lita wants him to go to the med-bay, and he tells her no — that he deserves to die if the eggs burst, because he deserted Kayla to get back to Lita. At that moment, she goes into labor.

In the tavern, Spooner psychically tells the boy not to worry — and that her friend is going to get superheroes. He knows of the JSA, and the girl from his comic, but Spooner tells him these are less famous ones.

Noriega comes, and threatens to slash the boy’s throat, but John appears, dressed as a priest and claiming that he has orders from the Vatican.

He tells Noriega that he is after the Fountain of Imperium, and offers to interrogate the boy.

On board the ship, the Tarazis use their totems, along with Mick’s blowtorch, to get Gus-Gus out of the ship so that Mick can get his daughter to the Medbay. When she arrives, she admits she faked labor to get him to the medbay.

At the bar, Constantine is faking a ceremony that forges a telepathic connection between the boy and Spooner. She tells him it’s OK, and the boy says that one day last year, during a bombing raid, he ran to a cave, where he prayed for a way to save his uncle. An angel appeared, and told him to drink from the Fountain, which is how he got his powers. He tells her that he can lead her to the cave, but Spooner translates it as “I don’t know.” Constantine distracts Noriega long enough for the tavern owner’s wife to get her rifle out, and she and her husband manage to shoot down the fascists, leaving most dead and Noriega with a badly damaged leg.

In the woods, Constantine wants Spooner and the kid to help him, but she wants to go back and try to rescue his family from the fascists who remain. He tells her that without his magic, he can’t help the powerless fight against the powerful, so she agrees to help him.

In a cave outside town, the boy leads John to the Fountain, but it’s dry, with mushrooms growing in it. He tells Spooner to use her connection to the kid to funnel his magic into John, ofering Fernando a normal life and giving John his magic. He walks out of the cave to find that the four remaining fascists have followed them to the cave. Fernando wants to make a deal: John can have his powers, if Fernando helps him find his mother. John lies that the fascists aren’t on the way in order to get Spooner to try and rush the process, but ultimately has to stop and give her a pep talk to make it work.

Reciting a lullaby in order to focus, Spooner manages to take Fernando’s powers, but they leave and return to the Fountain, rather than going into John, who is apparently not worthy. John sends Spooner and Fernando to hide, and takes the potion from hsi pocket, giving him powers but also something liek an acid trip. He stops the fascists, giggling the whole way, and kills Noriega before Spooner comes to find him. Seeing that he has left all of the soldiers dead, she is visibly shaken — and then John passes out.


On the Waverider, Gideon tells Lita that Mick has 48 eggs in his skull. She tells Mick that she needs him to survive, just like the alien babies do. Mick finally comes to grips with being ‘pregnant.”

In 1939, John and Spooner lead Fernando back to the bar, where he can talk again, but has lost his powers. His uncle thanks John. John and Spooner come back to the haunted house, John drunk and miserable, and Spooner tries to console him with some homespun wisdom involving her Catholic faith. She admits taht she lost faith when she was abducted, and should have tried harder to save her mom. After she hears Crowley snoring in the painting, she goes to harass him, and John is sniffing the potion bottle. She tells him not to do it, or she’ll tell Zari. He tells her that she won’t, and casts a spell on her to brainwash her into telling the Legends they succeeded in their mission and drank from the Fountain. Just then, the vampire walks in, giving him a case of vials the potion in exchange for the painting of Crowley.

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