DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Recap: Here’s Everything You Missed in “This is Gus”

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Recap: Here’s Everything You Missed in “This is Gus”

The episode opens with Behrad running late, but it is also his birthday. He hurries up to the team meeting, but the team doesn’t seem to realize it’s his birthday. They’re headed to Vancouver, British Columbia to deal with an alien. Elsewhere on the ship, Mick gets a call from Lita who needs to speak with him right away and he gets her onto the ship. It turns out she’s pregnant. Mick doesn’t handle it very well but it turns out that Lita has been trying to reach him for over a year, though this is news to Mick.

In near future Vancouver, the team is looking for the alien and it turns out that they have arrived at the taping for a show called “Bud Stuy” – Behrad’s favorite television show. He thinks the mission is fake and is really a surprise for him. The team goes along with it and Behrad tells them how much the show meant to him as a kid. Meanwhile, Spooner and Sara track the pod and Spooner tries to prevent the pod from arriving and instead knocks it off its path. It ends up crashing onto the set and an adorable pink alien emerges. Behrad figures out that the mission is in fact real.


Zari, Behrad, Nate, and Astra try to lure the alien away from the set but are thwarted by the showrunner who convinces the show’s star to let them use the alien as the new star of the show, much to the actual star’s dismay.

Astra and Behrad work together to look for the alien and come across the star banging his head on the wall of the writer’s room. They pretend to be bringing coffee and listen in on the plans for how they want to plot things in. They were unable to locate the alien, but Sara and Spooner find it over at craft services. Astra picks it up, but the alien is unhappy about it, suddenly emitting a high-pitched screech. The showrunner comes to collect the alien.

On the Waverider, Ava tries to patch things up between Lita and Mick. In the time Mick’s been gone from her life, Lita has become very feminist and independent. Eventually, Mick has to help her open a jar of pickles and it prompts the two of them to talk.


The team gets together on the Waverider to come up with a new plan. However, when Behrad shows up, he looks and behaves a bit differently with better hair. He nicknames the alien Gus Gus. Gary explains that the alien is attached to the showrunner. They also realize that the change in the timeline is impacting Behrad and changing him. The plan is to get Zari as a guest star on the show so they can get the alien. Unfortunately, Zari isn’t what they are looking for but Nate is.

Behrad goes to speak to the show’s star trying to convince him to not sell out, telling him that seeing a Muslim on television was very transformative for him. He gets through and the star goes to confront his brother. When his brother isn’t swayed, he quits the show.


On the Waverider, Ava chats with Lita and tells her that Mick has come around to Nico, the baby’s father. Sara however realizes what’s actually happening is that Mick plans to kill Nico. The ladies and Gary arrive to find the two men talking and it turns out that Mick has come around. It also gets revealed that Mick had sex with Kayla. Lita and then Sara realize Mick has also been acting strange.

On the set, Zari and Astra discover that Behrad has dramatically changed in a very short period of time, going full suit and ties and bluffs that they are part of the puppeteer union. The showrunner owns up to it being an alien, but Behrad seems to side with the showrunner, having now himself become a business-minded sell-out. The changes are so significant that the totems disappear. The Legends haul him back to the Waverider. They will have to act fast to save him and their timeline.


Zari goes to speak with the showrunner, telling him the importance his brother had. She also encourages him not to let things stay as they are with his brother. Astra tracks down the star and tells him to go back and take back the show, but he takes off in a golf cart and Astra gives chase. During the filming, though, Nate goes rogue and goes off-script pretending to be an alien hunter. The alien bites Nate, the show’s star crashes onto the set, and Nate catches the baby alien but before he can scream, Nate gives him a weed gummy which calls him down. The star plays it off like it was all part of the script and the episode is a hit.


Behrad is restored to normal and they throw him a party on the ship while Zari offers a voice over, but it turns out that she’s talking to Zari 1.0 and the two Zaris talk about their brother. Zari 2.0 tells Zari 1.0 that she should go to the birthday party and also stay out for just a few weeks. Seems there is a loophole that will allow her to return, at least for a little while.

Zari 1.0 shows up at the party and gets to hug her brother as well as spend time with Nate. The team catches her up on all the major developments, but before Mick can take a drink, Gary reveals that Mick is also pregnant. Seems that Kayla impregnated him when they had sex.



DC’s Legends of Tomorrow airs Sundays at 8/7c on The CW.

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