DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Star Shayan Sobhian Teases Behrad’s Origin Story in “This is Gus”

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Star Shayan Sobhian Teases Behrad’s Origin Story in “This is Gus”

For the first part of its sixth season, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow spent most of its time concerned with the fate of Sara Lance (Caity Lotz). After she was kidnapped by aliens in the Season 5 finale, the Legends started tracking down aliens in the timeline hoping to get information that would lead them to their beloved leader. Now that Sara is back, things are getting back to normal and in this week’s upcoming episode “The is Gus” that means digging into the origin of another Legend, Shayan Sobhian’s Behrad Tarazi.

In the episode, the Legends will head to 2024 in their continued pursuit of the aliens in the timeline and while there, they will end up visiting Behrad’s favorite television show, which ends up being infiltrated by a pink alien, Gus. Given the sitcom’s importance to Behrad, what happens will have major ramifications and reveal Behrad’s origin as well.

“His life was literally changed by a sitcom,” Sobhian told Entertainment Weekly. “I mean, I think that’s like when Legends gets wonderfully meta. It’s like we’re watching this TV show and watching this character be so enamored by his favorite sitcom and actually get to go see it. I think that was super strong. It’s an easy thing for me to play because I have so many shows that I love and so many movies.”

The alien that threatens to alter Behrad’s story in the episode, Gus, is one that series co-showrunner Phil Klemmer previously described as being inspired by Baby Yoda, and Sobhian said that even working with the Gus puppet made him feel like he really was on the set of Star Wars.


“It felt like I was on the set of Star Wars,” Sobhian said. “It was the closest I feel like I’ve ever come to real movie magic. I mean, it was amazing. There were four operators, four puppeteers. A couple actually manual and then a couple remote control. It really came to life during the take, which is such a gift, versus having to act to a green-whatever. So, yeah, it was really cool. I think we were all obsessed with him immediately. I mean, it’s meta, like he became the star for us. Then in the sitcom he also becomes a star. So I think they nailed it.”

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow airs Sundays at 8/7c on The CW. “This is Gus” debuts July 11.

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