The second season of DC’s Stargirl is still a few weeks from its debut on The CW, but the network is giving fans plenty to get excited about with the release of photos for the second episode of the season, “Summer School: Chapter 2”. The episode does not yet have an official synopsis, but from the looks of the photos, the episode will see the arrival of Richard Swift/The Shade (Jonathan Cake) and Green Lantern Alan Scott’s daughter Jennie (Ysa Penarejo).

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen some of these photos. Last week, a few of them were shared by TV Line, giving us our best look at the time at Jennie and The Shade, but these new episode photos give us a better idea of what the young Justice Society of America is up to amidst these new arrivals to Blue Valley, Nebraska.

Season 2 marks the first season that DC’s Stargirl will be entirely on The CW. The series debuted last year on DC Universe and was then broadcast one day later on The CW, but with DC Universe having given way to HBO Max, DC’s Stargirl shifted entirely to The CW, a move that some fans worried meant would see a change in how the show was made, but series creator and executive producer Geoff Johns insisted last year that that won’t be the case.

“Listen, we have an amazing team, an amazing cast, amazing writers, and we’re going to deliver the best show possible,” Johns told TV Line last summer, adding that the show will remain in Atlanta. “Our goal is to deliver a show that is cinematic and different than all the other shows and is of the utmost quality, and we have a lot of talented people to do that. The pacing, the tone, the world… we’ve already established that, and we have the best VFX house [in Zoic]; they’re not going anywhere.”

DC’s Stargirl season 2 premieres Tuesday, August 10 at 8/7c on The CW.