Death during the shooting .. The movie that branded Ajith as no zodiac sign and set him aside

Until now, we thought that Amravati was the first film for actor Ajith. But even before that film he has acted in a Telugu film. Only then did he get the chance to act in the Tamil film Amravati.

During the shooting of the Telugu film in which he first acted, an unexpected tragedy happened. The shooting was done with a camera in the river for a scene featured in the film. Then unexpectedly the director of the film fell into the river and died.

The director’s father had just finished filming after the incident. The film was released after several interruptions. But the film did not run as well as expected. That is why the Telugu film industry dismissed Ajith as a starless actor and expelled him from Telugu cinema.

Only then did he make his debut in Tamil cinema. Ajith, who was a noted actor through the film Amravati, has since progressed little by little through films like Desire, Love Fortress.

Until then, Ajith had been in the minds of the fans as a romantic hero and also became an action hero through the movie Deena. It was this film that gave him a lot of fans. It was only after that that he was called the head by the fans.

Having worked hard and progressed with his talent without any cinematic background like this, today he has secured a place for himself in Tamil cinema. The Telugu cinema that set him aside is the one that is waiting for his call sheet today. His fans are proud that this is the biggest hit he has ever had.

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