Deva, Rajini who cheated on Sundar.C .. Super star plan to solve the problem

On-screen viewers know an actor’s acting skills depending on how he handles a scene. Rajinikanth has proved himself by improving his individual talent in such scenes.

Arunachalam is a 1995 film directed by Sundar.C and starring Rajinikanth. The film was a huge success as Rajini’s catchy performance, Deva’s hit songs and Sundar.C’s story all made the film stand out. It has been 25 years since this film was released. Director Sundar.C recently shared some interesting information about this.

When Deva came up with the songs for the film, Sundar.C said that he could set a song for the fans as the opening song, to which Rajini refused. Later, Deva, Sundar.C and songwriter Vairamuthu persuaded Rajini to compose a song saying that in every film you should sing about the cow and the automakers and have a song for your fan who did a great job in the last election.

That song will feature a line as the courage that dwells in my heart is you. Rajini, who has a lot of faith in God, says that I sing this one line only by looking at the lingam, and Sundarsi agrees. Sundar.C later said that while watching the scene, Rajini had set it up to sing to the God of her choice even in a song written for the audience due to her skill.

Rajini, who made her debut in 1977, was successful in the 80s but went on to become the biggest hit in the 90s. All the films starring Rajinikanth in the 1990s were serial successes. And it was the films released then that took him to the pinnacle that no one could touch, as a commercial mass actor.

It was his colossal period across the country beyond Tamil. Why not go abroad and it’s time to raise the flag of victory. Directed by Sundar.C, the film stars Soundarya, Ramba, Jaisankar and Janakaraj alongside Rajini.

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