Dhanush has gained weight terribly .. Look how the man has changed without being identified

Actor Dhanush is currently starring in his brother Selvaragavan directed film Nane Varuven.

Apart from this, he has finished acting in the movie Tiruchirambalam directed by Mitran Jawahar and produced by Sun Pitchers.

Karna’s victory

Actor Dhanush, who is currently starring in the movie Naane Varuven, has met director Mari Selvaraj and producer Thanu in person.

Mari Selvaraj – S. The meeting was held to celebrate the one year anniversary of the release of the hugely successful Karnan film in the Thanu-Dhanush alliance.

Dhanush gaining weight

In the photo taken during the meeting, Dhanush looks terribly overweight.

Dhanush, who always appears on screen only in a skinny look, has gained weight like this for the movie Naane Varuven, which has caught the attention of many. Here is the photo ..

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