Dhanush takes the failed film in hand .. the foundation for politics

There are no people who are not jealous of Dhanush’s growth. Directors and producers are now waiting for his callsheet among those who initially asked him if he had come to act in this movie. Because Dhanush has captivated not only Kollywood but also the world cinema with his monstrous acting in Bollywood and Hollywood.

But the last two films starring Dhanush did not go well. Thus Dhanush plans to play a strong character again. Puthuppettai is a movie directed by Selvaragavan and starring Dhanush, Sonia Agarwal, Sneha and others.

The film focuses on politics. Similarly, Kodi, starring Dhanush in a double role, is a political film. In this situation, a film with a strong political story has come looking for Dhanusha again. Leader is a 2010 Telugu film directed by Sehgar Kammula and starring Rana Tagupathi.

In the film, Rana Tagupathi played the role of Chief Minister Arjun Prasad. Although the film was critically acclaimed, it failed miserably. In this situation, Sehgar Kammula has landed in an attempt to direct the second part of the film.

The film is produced in three languages, Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. And the story for the film has been told to Dhanush. Even though Dhanush has already acted in political stories, the big question is whether he will agree to act as the Chief Minister.

And the film is said to be a thriller mixed political film. In this case, the film crew will issue an official announcement after confirming the cast and crew. The crew plans to start shooting for the film by the end of this year.

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