Dhanush voluntarily praises his next film director! Sani injury that gets attention ..

Dhanush praises Sani Kaitham movie

Dhanush, a leading actor of Tamil cinema, is currently starring in Vathi, which is being made in both Tamil and Telugu.

No official information has been released on who Dhanush will be directing after the completion of the film.

But Dhanush will next be seen in a film directed by director Arun Matheswaran and everyone is looking forward to the film they will make in the alliance.

In this situation, director Arun Matheswaran’s second release Sani Kaitham has been released on Amazon Prime yesterday.

Actor Dhanush has also posted about the film which has been getting good reviews since its release. In it “Congratulations to the Sani Kaitham film crew for giving us an amazing film.

Selvaragavan, Keerthi Suresh You have done a good job. Arun Matheswaran is proud to think of you. ”

Sun TV has released the actual collection of Annatha movie! Bleaching fans ..

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