Dhanush who ignored the loaded ladder .. The worst act of failing to walk like a big man

It has been almost twenty years since Dhanush came to the cinema to act. Initially ridiculed and ridiculed, he is now known as Bollywood and Hollywood. In this regard, he posted a statement on social media yesterday.

In it, he mentioned that his brother Selvaragavan and father Kasturi Raja, family members, media and fans were all responsible for this rise. He also expressed his heartfelt gratitude to them.

He thanked so many people and said nothing about the superstar Rajinikanth who was the ladder that loaded him in the cinema. Maybe he forgot to say something about Rajini or hid it.

Although Dhanush had acted in a lot of films before his marriage, it can be said that his status only rose after Rajinikanth’s son-in-law. If he has gone all the way to Bollywood now then the main reason is that he is Rajinikanth’s nephew.

And Dhanush followed him in many things that were as simple as Rajini. Especially on all platforms he has spoken highly of Rajini. As such he did not mention his name in this thank you speech.

From this it remains a mystery what is going on in that family. Despite his remorse, Dhanush’s actions in public have drawn a lot of criticism. And Rajinikanth’s fans are furious at Dhanush’s act.

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