Dhanush with Avenger actor! His first Hollywood movie photo ..

Busy actor Dhanush

Dhanush is a leading actor and one of the best actors in Tamil cinema.

His last film was Maran, after which he was busy acting in films including Tiruchirambalam, Vathi and Nane Varuven.

And even recently they were announcing that the shooting of the movie Nane Varuven, in which he is starring in the Selvaragavan direction, is all over.

Dhanush is making his Hollywood debut

Meanwhile Avngers starred in the film The Grayman directed by film directors. Everyone is looking forward to the film being shot at great expense.

In this case, a few photos from the film have been posted on the Internet. It also has a photo of Dhanush with Hollywood actor Chris Evans.

Here is the photo for yourself ..

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