Diamond Jewelry, Demand Stripe and Beautiful Cleaner Ranbir’s Bride Alia, See Beautiful Pictures

Mumbai –Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt are now married. Ranbir’s name has been added to Alia’s demand. Ranbir and Alia had seven rounds in front of family and some friends at the Pali Vastu Hills apartment complex on Thursday.


The couple had refused to take pictures or videos during their wedding. So when the newlyweds shared the pictures, they went viral. Alia became the bride wearing Sabyasachi’s designing saree. What draws attention to Alia’s look is her beautiful wedding rings, cleavage and amulets. Whether it is Alia’s mangalsutra or not, there is something hidden in everything.


Bridal dress

Usually where the bride chooses a red or brightly colored lehenga for her wedding. There Alia got married in a very simple manner. Alia was seen wearing a sari, not a lehenga. Alia was wearing a hand-dyed organza fabric ivory shade i.e. off-white saree. It was embroidered and hand-knitted dupatta was also worn on the head. As for the bridal ornaments, they were taken from Sabyasachi’s heritage. It contained countless diamonds and hand-woven pearls.
Speaking of jewelery, Alia opted for diamond cut heavy jewelery instead of seal or green. Alia’s forehead band has also caught people’s attention. The demand vaccine and the bandage were applied to the exposed hair.


Alia had inscribed the number 8 on her hand on her Mahindi on April 13, along with the first letter R of Ranbir’s name. Alia was hired by Mahindi artist Jyoti Chheda, a resident of Mahindi Chembur.

All eyes fixed on Mars

Alia had a very fine amulet around her neck. The special connection of his design was with his wife Ranbir. The sign of infinity was made in Alia’s mangalsutra. At first glance, it becomes number 8. This is Ranbir’s lucky number. Due to Ranbir’s number 8, Alia has also started considering this number as her lucky number. There is just one pearl hanging with the golden chain in the mangalsutra.


Alia’s clerics have also caught everyone’s attention. Stars, clouds and birds are seen in their clearing. If you look carefully at the photo of Alia, then the number 8 is also visible in the clearing.
8 is Ranbir Kapoor’s lucky number. And it represents infinity. Considering Ranbir’s lucky number as her lucky number, Alia got the clearances written with 8 numbers. So that their support will remain forever from birth to birth.

Minimal makeup

Alia completes her bridal look with minimal makeup. In addition to this, Alia had kept her hair loose instead of making a bun with a garland.

Diamond ring

In addition, a large diamond ring was seen in his hand. This diamond ring has been given to Alia by Ranbir Kapoor.

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