Did actor Dhanush say that his wife cheated on him? Shocking information ..

Dhanush – Vetrimaran

Actor Dhanush is one of the leading and best actors in Tamil cinema. He is currently starring in films including Vathi and Tiruchirappalli.

In this case, the only director who supported Dhanush in the film was Vetrimaran, and all the films starring Dhanush under his direction are considered to be the best films.

Dhanush talks about such a great alliance in an interview. What was said in it has caused shock among the fans.

They have deceived me

Yes, when Dhanush said, “I’m so confident in life that one of the four pearls wins. The other three have to be proud.

The only person who kept my faith was the winner. What’s bigger than that is that I know what it means to have tasted success and then to have seen success and then forgotten.

Dhanush, who saw a bigger success than that, said, “I will not leave Dhanush and I will not be with him anymore.”

So many fans are saying that the woman Dhanush said could be his wife.

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