Did it make you sleepy? Clara Chía Martí and the reaction she would have had to the Shakira and Bizarrap song

Did it make you sleepy? Clara Chia Marti and the reaction she would have had to the Shakira and Bizarrap song

Of course, Clara Chia Marti appears in the composition, being named after the music star. Although the interpreter of “Si te vas” had tried to be more reserved with the subject in the past, it seems that this was simply left behind.

In these circumstances, a large part of the public wonders what is the response of the Spanish celebs involved in this case, so today we tell you how Gerard Pique’s girlfriend would have reacted to theShakira and Bizarrap song.

What Does Shakira Say About Clara Chia Marti At The “Bzrp Music Session #53″?

In her new song, Shakira makes two key references to Clara Chia Marti , the woman accused of being the third in discord during her romance with the athlete.

The first of these is the most obvious: “He has the name of a good person. Clara -mente is not what it sounds like” , sings the Grammy winner , pausing strategically so that all of us listeners know who the person she is referring to is.

The second of the winks is a line in which she addresses her ex-partner: ” I’ll vacate (the house) tomorrow and if you want to bring her, let her come too ,” says the singer-songwriter in what would be the confirmation of the presence of the 23-year-old girl in the Pique-Mebarak family home .

What Was Clara Chia Marti’s Reaction To The “Bzrp Music Session #53″?

According to the journalistSalva Garcia , Clara Chia Marti has ​​a public profile on Instagram . From there, on Wednesday, January 11, 2023, the young woman would have been making various publications that many attribute as a reaction to the release of Shakira’s ” BZRP Music Session #53″ .

The first of the stories that was spread from the account was an emoji, that of a tired face . For some users, this is a hint at the launch of the Colombian. Through this figure, Clara would insinuate that her composition and its release “made her sleepy” .

Just 15 minutes later, Garcia reported that the first message had been deleted and a video of a woman dancing was posted in its place. The press man states that she is Clara Chia and suggests that he could be listening to the singer ‘s most recent song .

What Else Does Shakira Say At The “Bzrp Music Session #53″?

Another of the most revealing parts of Shakira ‘s song is when she refers to several of the issues that the Spanish press had dealt with in recent months. From her relationship with Pique ‘s mother , the harassment from the media and her legal problems, all are addressed to the rhythm of the music.

“You left my mother-in-law as a neighbor, with the press at the door and the debt in the Treasury. You thought you hurt me and you made me tougher. Women don’t cry anymore, women bill” , she listens to herself.

Know what is the complete lyrics of the song and its meaning

How Did Gerard Pique And Clara Chia Marti Meet?

Agreeto the Vanitatis reportGerard Pique and Clara Chia Marti met long before the young woman worked at the 35-year-old footballer’s company. That was what sources close to the couple indicated to the aforementioned medium. “It was an immediate crush ”, is one of the quotes included in the publication.

Pique and Clara would have met at the exclusive nightclub La Traviesa Tuset , when the young woman worked as a waitress . They exchanged glances and it seems that it was enough for both, according to the Spanish portal. In addition, it was emphasized that the relationship between Pique and Shakira would have already been broken before the statement and the rumors of their separation . Both would have started to lead their lives separately prior to the media wave of speculation.

Other References To Gerard Pique And Clara Chia Marti

  • “Sorry that you sal-pique”:This has helped Internet users to highlight the word “Sal-pique” and ensure that the Colombian clearly refers to her ex-partner.
  • The number “22″:In another part of the letter, Shakira mentions “ I am worth two of 22 ″. According to users of social networks, this is in reference to Clara Chia Marti, who is several years younger than the Barranquillera.

Gerard Pique’s Reaction To The Song By Shakira And Bizarrap

After the announcement was made that the song by the two South American artists would be released this Wednesday, Gerard Pique made a curious publication on hissocial media.

On his Twitter account, Gerard Pique shared a series of emojis, which can be understood as a mockery of this song, stating that it would be something that is pure show.

What Is A Twingo Like, The Vehicle That Shakira Compares To Clara Chia Marti?

It is a vehicle model released by the automotive company Renault. It has been manufactured since 1992. Now it has its electric version, which costs $25,000. The Twingo stands out for being small and for driving in the city, since the French manufacturer’s idea is to give the driver dynamism in his day-to-day life.

The car has a power of 95 hp, it is quite comfortable and fast for the owners. It is a four-seater with a three-door hatchback body. It has a transversal four-cylinder in-line engine and front-wheel drive.

The Age Difference Between Clara Chia And Pique

Something that the couple shares, and that few knew, is that they share the month of birth . The Spanish footballer was born on February 2, 1987 . That is to say, Pique and Marti celebrate another year of life the same week. The first of February, to be exact. And just like his girlfriend, he will have a birthday in just over two months.

So, the age difference between Clara Chia Marti (23 years old) and Gerard Pique is 12 years old . Almost the same difference that the athlete and businessman had with his ex-partner and girlfriend of his two children, Shakira, who is ten years older than him.

The Cartoon Of Clara Chia Marti That Was Spreaded At Work And Annoyed Gerard Pique

According to what was published by OK Diario, Clara Chia Marti was the victim of a mockery within Gerard Pique’s company, Kosmos Global Holding.

And it is that in the offices of the company of the former Barcelona player, a cartoon made fun of Clara Chia Marti, according to the aforementioned medium. All the details

What Was The Reaction Of Gerard Pique’s Mother To Shakira’s Song?

Although Gerard Pique’s mother has remained silent about the separation of her son and Shakira, this time she did react to the new song by the Colombian singer with Bizarrap.

Montserrat Bernabeu Guitart surprised two Twitter posts related to Shakira’s song that left her son Gerard Pique in a bad light with a couple of “likes”.


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