Did KGF2 do this work before coming to star in ‘Ramika Sen’! Shock information

Raveena Tandon played the role of Ramika Sen in the recently released KGF2 film which has been rocking the Indian box office. A popular actress in Bollywood, she has been receiving rave reviews for her majestic role as Prime Minister.

In this case Raveena is talking about working as a floor cleaner in a studio before she came to act in the box she was recently given.

He is working with a famous advertising film director. After finishing 10th class, he joined the work there. He has also done chores there, including sweeping the floor and cleaning things. Sometimes he even cleans up after someone has vomited.

If the model does not come for the occasional promotional film, the director will immediately ask Raveena to put on make-up and give a pose. That has happened many times.

Raveena has started modeling as to why she should do this for free and work with other directors. It was only after that that he gradually got a chance in cinema and starred in the 1991 film Patthar Ke Phool.

Raveena Tandon is currently happy that her role in KGF2 is being talked about a lot.

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