Did Sivakarthikeyan replace Vijay .. I never said that: SJ Surya Description

Actor SJ Surya has been mixing in villain roles lately. The conference film he starred in became a huge hit. In which he played the role of the police with much villainy impressed the fans.

SJ Surya is currently playing the villain in Sivakarthikeyan’s Don. SJ Surya has been interviewed for the promotion of the movie which will be released on May 13.

“Sivakarthikeyan has taken Vijay’s place,” he was quoted as saying in a video posted on the weekly’s Twitter account. SJ Surya, who was shocked to see it, has given an explanation.

“Every family in Tamil Nadu has given Vijay a special place, as well as Sivakarthikeyan,” he explained.

“This is what I said, I did not expect a title like this,” he noted.


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