Did the composer of the KGF film do such a thing before the cinema!

Composer Ravi Basur

The recently released KGF 2 movie directed by Prashant Neil and starring Yash has been rocking Indian cinema.

KGF 2 was reported to have grossed Rs 240 crore in a single day across India.

Today, various interesting information is coming out about the KGF crew who are looking back at Indian cinema.

Accordingly, a photo has been released of the film’s composer Ravi Basur working in an iron shop.

Fans have been sharing the photo with Ravi Basur wondering if he has been working like this.

But during that photo Corona Lactown he made the family business a hobby. That was the photo taken then.

The actor will not settle for Vijay and this thing! கலாய்க்கும் நெட்டிசன்ஸ் ..

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