Dil Raju put a stop to Vijay’s word .. Commander in shock

Filming of Commander 66, starring Vijay in the Vamsi direction, is currently in full swing in Hyderabad. Vijay has had a great desire to do something for our cinema workers for a long time.

During the curfew, many workers and supporting actors suffered greatly without a way of survival. Many great actors at the time did their best to help and somehow saved them.

It was only after the corona was over and the shooting began that many of the supporting actors found employment. So Vijay now wants to do something for them. He also expects the shooting of his films to be in Chennai as much as possible.

That is why he has been recommending to the directors and producers to shoot the film in Chennai as much as possible. He also wanted the Beast movie to be shot in Chennai.

But for some reason it became impossible. Vijay has decided to shoot his next film in Chennai and has told the producer about it. But the producer of the film, Dil Raju, is now shooting in Hyderabad.

This is what makes us comfortable. So he has put a stop to Vijay’s idea that it is not possible to shoot in Chennai and that Hyderabad will be the one to fix it. The producer’s response came as a shock to Vijay, who thought that the shooting of the film could be held in Chennai anyway.

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