Dillalangadi work done by theaters .. Sun Pictures waiting to pick weeds

The problem that always comes when the two big pictures collide is which film to give prominence to. In that sense both films Beast and KGF2, which were released later this month, are competing in theaters.

The two films are currently clashing on a large scale in Tamil Nadu. The Beast movie is now getting negative reviews and hitting a little dull. So the theater owners are cleverly canceling some shows.

That is, in a few theaters where there are 5 scenes, three scenes are reserved for KGF2 and two scenes for the Beast movie. Thus the theater owners are indirectly urging the fans to watch the KGF2 movie.

Thus the theater owners are giving importance to KGF2 movie with the aim of making a profit, leaving Beast movie which is currently getting huge hits in the theater.

Thus there is great dissatisfaction with Sun Pictures. Which theaters are taking the weed out that this model works. Thus the theaters are also in a bit of a riot.

Sun Pictures, which is currently quietly having fun, has been meticulously monitoring theater owners and distributors as to who should and should not be given the rights to release the next films it produces, and is looking to hit them in the right place.

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