Director Nelson to see the end of the Beast movie! Video released on the Internet ..

The Beast movie that met with criticism

Beast is a recently released film directed by Nelson Dileepkumar and starring Commander Vijay.

Vijay’s Beast, which came to the screen with high expectations, received a lot of mixed reviews from everyone.

Thus, the film did not do well in other places besides Tamil Nadu, and the Beast film continued to receive criticism.

Nelson coming off for fun

Nelson, meanwhile, is not taking any of these criticisms seriously and is having fun playing with actor Gavin. Gavin posted the video on his Instagram page.

Director Nelson is one of the most talked about directors in Tamil cinema. Because he’s the one directing the pictures of the top heroes in a row.

Accordingly Nelson will be directing Rajinikanth’s 169th film following the Beast film. As Nelson’s previous film has met with great criticism, everyone’s attention has now turned to the Leader 169 film.

The heroine of the movie Don was astonished by what Vijay said!

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