Disney+ cancels ‘Willow’ fantasy series after season 1

Disney+ cancels 'Willow' fantasy series after season 1

Disney+ canceled fantasy comedy series Willow after its first season, which premiered on November 30. The project was warmly received by critics – 83% on Rotten Tomatoes . Maybe Disney wasn’t happy with the show’s ratings.

Willow is the sequel to Ron Howard’s 1988 feature film of the same name , written and produced by George Lucas. The role of Willow was again played by Warwick Davis, and the action of the series took place many years after the events of the original picture.

According to the story, the wizard Willow from the race of undersized nelvins, along with other heroes, goes on a journey to help the princess save her twin brother, protect Andovin from the most dangerous enemy and restore balance in the universe.

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