Disneyland’s Fiery vicious dragon Crash was Ridiculed in theme park contestant’s New Halloween Show

Knott’s berry farm fired some incendiary shots at Disneyland.

The Californian theme park – located next to Disneyland in California – recently mocked an accident at the House of Mouse OG Resort, during which the giant vicious dragon from the popular fantasmic show accidentally caught fire .

Several videos captured by guests at Knott’s scary farm Halloween event earlier this week show a giant dragon on fire during a show called The Hanging: Uncancelled.

“Oh, fuck me! one of the characters tells how the dragon catches fire, before explicitly referring to Disneyland by name, as well as the city where the park is located. “Where did you get this from? Anaheim?”

Representatives from Knott’s berry farm and Disneyland did not immediately respond to EW’s request for comment.

Disneyland’s vicious dragon made headlines last April after an apparent malfunction caused the 14-foot-tall structure to burst into flames in the middle of the show, prompting Disney to temporarily suspend similar pyrotechnic effects at all of its parks around the world.

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“The dragon’s head started to glow and I see fire and some kind of smoke rising up,” Disneyland guest Elaine Gilmer told local news, describing the accident at the time. “I was like, ‘Oh… they added some new things because it didn’t happen like that before.'”

Although Knott’s berry farm was founded in 1920 – 35 years before Walt Disney opened Disneyland – and appeals to a wide audience, the parks regularly enter into playful rivalry due to their proximity.

Watch Knott’s berry farm parody of Disneyland’s burning vicious dragon in the video above.

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