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Do you know the collection made by Sivakarthikeyan’s Don movie only in Chennai?

Actor Sivakarthikeyan is a rising star in Tamil cinema.

The last time he acted in a Doctor movie was when the film was released for Rs. Sivakarthikeyan’s hit list has grossed over Rs 100 crore.

Following that success, the movie Don released yesterday (May 13) starring Sivakarthikeyan.

Dawn Image Special

Sivakarthikeyan’s Dawn is a must watch movie. Everyone who has seen the movie is super Cema, KGF 2 Everything Orambo is no longer our Sivakarthikeyan’s Don Celebrated by the fans.

The film grossed Rs. 15 crore, in Tamil Nadu alone Rs. 9 crore has been collected.

And in Chennai alone, the don is worth Rs. 92 lakhs. Fans celebrate it as a variable collection.

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