Do you know the salary of Vijay TV presenter Divyadarshini? Here is the details

Divyadarshini called DD

Divyadarshini, also known as DD, has been working as a presenter on Vijay TV since her school days.

He has hosted many shows like Boys Vs Girls, Jodi No.1, Super Singer which aired on Vijay TV.

But if there’s one thing that has made him such a huge fan following, it’s the Coffee With DD show.

One of Vijay TV’s biggest hits is Coffee with DD. Following this, he has hosted various shows such as Achcham Thaveer, Anbudan DD, Enkitta Motathe, Speed ​​Get Set Go.

DT Purchase Salary

But, unlike before, DD only hosts specific major Vijay TV shows.

In this case, the host DD paid Rs. It is reported that he is getting a salary of 3 to 4 lakhs.

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