Do you want only the money and the honor that he gives you? Strengthening Condemnations for the Oscar Man

AR Raghuvan, who has composed music not only in Tamil but also in many languages ​​including Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi, has been embroiled in controversy recently. He won the highest award, the Oscar, and sought glory for our Indian cinema.

As such he has been speaking out against many controversial comments against Hindi in recent times. He has been deeply recording his opinion in many places that there is no need for Hindi language. This has caused a lot of protests against him.

And a few days ago during a festival, the Hindi actors on stage are colorful and beautiful because people admire them more. The good strong character should be available to those here as well.

He had mentioned that everyone should watch our Tamil movie with their heads held high. Fans who have seen this have been questioning him a barrage. Because AR Raghuvan is as popular in Hindi as he is in Tamil.

The fans who mention this are whitewashing him by saying that not only do you want the money he earns from Bollywood, the prestige they give and the Oscar he got through it but Hindi.

Despite the one-sided protests, some fans are still in favor of AR Rahman speaking out against Hindi. Despite the controversy surrounding him, AR Raghuvan has been composing music for many films from Dubai without coming to India.

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