Does Max Die in New Amsterdam?


New Amsterdam‘ season 3 has been an emotional ride for the characters as well as the viewers. The season showcases the difficulties faced by the public health care sector amidst the Covif-19 crisis. As the New Amsterdam Medical Center faces the crisis head-on, Dr. Max Goodwin finds himself at the center of it all. With rumors that actor Ryan Eggold who essays the part departing the medical drama after the conclusion of season 3 making rounds, fans have feared the worse for the character. So does Max die in ‘New Amsterdam,’ or does he survive? Here’s everything you need to know.

What Happened to Dr. Max Goodwin?

Dr. Max Goodwin is the principal protagonist of ‘New Amsterdam.’ He is the medical director of the New Amsterdam Medical Center and a compassionate human being who cares about his patients and staff above all. Fans previously grew concerned about Max’s well-being after it was revealed that he had cancer. However, by the second season episode titled ‘The Island’ (season 2 episode 9), his cancer is treated and begins remission.

Max has also harbored romantic feelings for Dr. Helen Sharpe, but neither pursues a romantic relationship as various obstacles keep emerging one after the other. As the narrative of season three moves along, it seems like the two might finally confront their feelings for each other. Given the various perils Max has gone through, especially during the Covid-19 crisis, it seemed like Max might finally get a moment of joy. However, destiny (aka writers of the show) has other plans for Max.

Does Max Die in New Amsterdam?

In the twelfth episode of season 3, titled ‘Things Fall Apart,’ there is a deadly chemical leak at the hospital that threatens the lives of the patients and staff. Max steps in and holds the pipe leaking the chemical so that the chemical doesn’t cause any more damage and the people can get to safety. It is a life-threatening situation that highlights Max’s self-sacrificing attitude.

When Helen comes looking for Max, he tells her that his vision is compromised. By the time the leak situation is brought under control, Max is in severe distress. His condition is serious, and it seems like his life is in danger. However, after an experimental treatment from Dr. Reynolds, Max is out of danger, and his life is saved.

While Max does not die in the episode, his near-death experience forces him to reassess his life, especially since he is now the only parent his daughter has after the demise of his wife. It’s a compelling episode that also brings Max and Helen closer, and they share a sweet moment. The near-death experience jolts Max and opens his eyes to reality: he must consider the consequences of his actions and how they will affect those close to him.

The chemical leak provides a compelling conflict for Max to deal with while saving his big get-together moment with Helen for the season finale. The eye-opening event also motivates Max to double down against his in-laws and maintain the custody of his daughter, Luna. Given the trajectory of Max’s storyline this season, killing off Max would’ve been an abrupt and anti-climactic ending for a character that is a beacon of hope on the show.

For now, it is safe to assume that Max’s life is no longer in danger. Actor Ryan Eggold has given no indication that he intends to leave the medical drama as previously rumored. Therefore, we can continue to see Ryan Eggold’s charismatic performance as Dr. Max Goodwin on ‘New Amsterdam.’

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