Dragon Ball Super Season 2 : Everything you need to know in 2021

Dragon Ball Super Season 2 : Everything you need to know in 2021

Dragon Ball Super Season 2

REVOLUTION! If I were to ask you guys, “Which anime changed the anime industry forever?” Or “Which anime brought a revolution in Japanese animation?” chances are that both of us will be thinking about the same series.

The legendary anime, Dragon Ball Z. A series or rather a franchise that gave a new shift to the anime industry and its fans to the point that there was no looking back after it.

Considering how successful this series was, Dragon Ball creators decided to revive it again with the creation of the Dragon Ball Super, in succession to the actual story of the Dragon Ball timeline.

And just as you would expect, the series was a massive success. I mean come on guys, it’s dragon ball.

It deserves all the love and appreciation it gets! However, there has been a stoppage in this flow of love since the end of the Dragon Ball Super series.

And ever since then, fans have been curious about the next season. When will Season 2 of Dragon Ball Super come out?

What are its release dates? Are there any official announcements regarding Dragon Ball Super season 2?

Well, if you have any of the questions mentioned here then pat yourself for clicking on the right link.

Since in this article, we will be taking a look at Dragon Ball Super and analyze the chances for its sequel.

It would be fun! From sales to popularity, from ratings to the source material, we will discuss it all.

So prepare your Kamehameha and sit back because this is Everything You Need To Know About Dragon Ball Super In 2021.

Let’s go! But before we jump into it, let’s just revise what we have as ‘Dragon Ball Super ‘ at the moment and how it ended up happening.

Just building a great foundation you know? NOTE: Every Factor Taken Into Consideration In This Article Is With Respect To Dragon Ball Super Anime And NOT The Original Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z Anime.

They, Most Likely, Won’t Have Any Influence Over The Creation Of A Sequel Of Dragon Ball Super.

However, Intangible Aspects Like Goodwill, Reference, And Influence May Still Be Useful.

Everything We Know So Far About Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super is a 131 episode TV anime that aired from Jul 5, 2015, to Mar 25, 2018.

It is an anime adaptation of a manga. The manga was written by legendary Mangaka Akira Toriyama and illustrated by Toyotarou.

The anime on the other hand was directed by Nagamine Tatsuya and animated by Toei Animation.

Tatsuya has been the director of recognized anime like Bouken Ou Beet and the Precure series.

He also worked in many Digimon and One Piece movies. Toei Animation is responsible for multiple popular series like One Piece, Sailor Moon, and Neon Genesis Evangelion.

If we talk about manga author Akira Toriyama, well he revolutionized the industry with just the Dragon Ball series so he never needed to look back.

But a few series that he created apart from Dragon Ball includes Dr. Slump and Cowa!

Toyotarou is the leading individual in the process of Dragon Ball Super manga creation and his influence on the overall story is noteworthy!

Anyway, let’s quickly revise the story of the Dragon Ball Super anime. So the events take place a few years after the last tournament that took place in Dragon Ball Z.

The story continues with Goku making a living as a farmer with his family and friends.

Nothing crazy happens until it is revealed that the God of Destruction has awakened from his long sleep and is looking for a worrier to fight.

That warrior is said to be the one that would hold himself against the immense power of the God of Destruction, Lord Beerus, or say his dream claimed.

Now in search of that warrior, Beerus comes across Goku and realizes that the warrior is a Saiyan and asks Goku if he is the one.

Goku wasn’t the Godly being Beerus was talking about but he still tried to fight Beerus and lost miserably.

Now Beerus is on his way to find that warrior on Earth and if he doesn’t, he might blow up the entire planet.

And now Goku needs to become stronger to be able to beat God. Now he needs to learn about the legendary Super Saiyan God!

The Dragon Ball Super alternate version of this anime includes Dragon Ball Z Movie: Battle Of Gods and Dragon Ball Z Movie: Resurrection Of F.

The sequel to this series is the Dragon Ball Super: Broly Movie. And the sequel to THAT is the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie which is scheduled to air in 2022.

These movies are crucial for the creation of the next series and we will discuss them in detail later.

So that covers all the intro stuff. I believe now both of us have a good understanding of what we are dealing with.

So now let’s see if the anime has any official announcements or not.

Official Announcements And Release Date Of Dragon Ball Super Season 2

Dragon Ball Super last aired in 2018 and from that point up until now, there hasn’t been any announcement about the next season of the series.

Yup, as hard as it may sound, there are no official announcements or release dates passed down to us for season 2 of Dragon Ball Super.

However, don’t lose your hope just yet. There are 2 major hints about the making of Dragon Ball Super season 2 given by officials.

The first one comes from Toei’s animator Florence Jay Dominguito who said something along the lines of, “As a fan, I’m really looking forward to new movies and merchandise.

I’m also excited about the new anime that will continue Dragon Ball Super”.

However, the problem here is that translator Ken Xyro corrected this machine-translated text and said that the actual statement was, “I’m also excited to see if there will be a new continuation of Dragon Ball Super tv anime.”

So whether it’s a genuine error or an attempt to hide the season 2 creation is a topic of debate for fans.

The second one comes from the Japanese Voice Actor of Vegeta, Ryo Horikawa, who posted something on his Twitter along the lines of, “I just came out of a meeting at TOEI Animation!!

But I won’t tell you what it is!” This tweet led to a lot of fans thinking that it’s about Dragon Ball Super season 2.

However, many claimed that it could have also been about the movie scheduled for 2022.

Either way, these are the only 2 hints we have got now. And if we are honest, I don’t think these are credible enough.

I mean each of them has one or the other feature going against our speculation.

So why not take an educated guess instead? Let’s dive deeper into this series and try to extract our answers.

Starting with the source material.

More Source Material Information On Dragon Ball Super Season 2

As said before, Dragon Ball Super is an anime adaptation of a manga series of the same name.

The story is written by Akira Toriyama and illustrated by Toyotarou. However, at the moment, Toyotarou is known for managing the Dragon Ball Super manga series.

The manga started publishing on 20 June 2016 and is being published in the V-Jump Magazine to this day.

Currently, Dragon Ball Super has 16 volumes with 75 chapters. Out of which, the anime adapted till chapter 42 of volume 9.

This chapter was released on November 20, 2018, which is quite later than the anime version.

This goes to show 2 things. First is that TOEI and Toyotarou have 2 separate teams and they are being guided by Toriyama on the gist.

In other words, Toriyama mentions the plot points to both TOEI for the anime and Toyotarou for the Manga and lets both of them fill in the blanks themselves.

This is even more vibrant when you know that anime and Manga have a lot of differences between them.

From trivial differences like the Use of Hakai by Goku (in the manga) to major differences of skipping entire arcs from the source (golden Frieza arc isn’t in the manga).

Moreover, the first season required 9 volumes for the anime. Assuming that the series requires the same amount for the next one, there isn’t enough source material yet.

However, this isn’t a problem because if you look at the dates of the manga and anime releases, you would realize that they are less than 15 days.

So we can say that the anime doesn’t necessarily require the manga to be ahead of it in the case of Dragon Ball super.

Usually, Mangas are ahead because they are made by the original creator but the situation seems to be different in the case of DBS.

Now they can make another season with the available manga content by using the contents of Broly movie AND the contents of Super Hero movie.

And this is my theory that this will be the content of the next season.

Remember that before starting Dragon Ball Super, Dragon Ball Franchise released the Battle Of Gods movie and The Resurrection Of F movies.

Both of which ended up getting adapted into the official anime. So if they are following the same pattern, then the next season of Dragon Ball Super will have the story from Broly movie, Super Hero movie, Moro’s Arc, and Granolah’s arc.

Although, this is just a speculation based on the franchise’s past actions. Overall, the manga doesn’t seem to be a hurdle for the series at all since both mediums seem to have their own teams working specifically for them.

And so their co-existence doesn’t seem to benefit either for extracting content. So if the source material isn’t the problem then what is?

Popularity? Let’s have a look.

Popularity Information Of Dragon Ball Super Season 2

Popularity is a great way to know if an anime is worth a sequel or not.

Less popular anime are less likely to get another installment. Whereas popular anime, most of the time, ends up with another part.

So which category does Dragon Ball Super falls into? Let’s find out!

Google Trend

dragon ball super season 2 google trend

The first factor that would help us get an idea about Dragon Ball Super’s recognition is Trends.

Google Trends lets their viewers get an idea of how frequently an anime is being searched on Google.

Popular anime tend to be trending for quite some time just how Dragon Ball Super is.

If we look at the graph, it is very high throughout with a peak during the beginning of May.

So we can say that Dragon Ball Super season 2 has been a hot topic all along and thus, it is a very popular series.


official twitter account of dragon ball super

Twitter is where many Japanese and international anime fans tend to hang out and have a fun time.

So this would help us get an even more accurate representation of how much fans love this series.

And with 181K followers on Twitter, I think we can be comfortable about the love for Dragon Ball Super from fans around the world.

It’s been 3 years and still, fans follow this series in hopes for another season!

Well done my fellow comrades! So yeah, in the case of Twitter, this is yet another checkmark for popularity.

Google Searches

google searches for dragon ball super season 2

The final aspect that would be even more accurate than the previous two is Search Volume.

Basically, how many people search for the next season of Dragon Ball Super on Google.

Pretty straightforward right? And when it comes to Dragon Ball, the results are awesome. The sequel for this series manages to pull off 58k searches every month.

Now that might not seem like a big number but without any sequel announcements and a 3-year gap, these search results are pretty solid.

Out of the 58K, 41K is from the US, and 5.9K is from the UK.

The series seems to be working well in the markets with such great results. Across the board, we can say that Dragon Ball Super is a very popular anime even after 3 years of its release.

I mean come on guys, it’s Dragon Ball. This franchise is the epitome of popularity.

We can’t be wrong about it. Now let’s try and guess the story for the next season.

If it ends up happening, which it probably would, then how would the story go?

Let’s have a look.

Expected Plot Of Dragon Ball Super Season 2

With the release of season 2 of Dragon Ball Super, a beginning of a new story would take place.

And that means more content for us viewers to watch and admire. But what content will it be?

How will the story of season 2 go? Well, the previous season ended with Tournament Of Power being over and normalcy reaching its end.

If the anime follows the movies, then we might see the introduction of Broly in the next season followed by the contents of the Super Hero movie.

And if the anime follows the manga then the next arc would be about Moro, the escaped prisoner.

It is called the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc. Moro is a criminal known for extracting energy and life forces from people just like Buu and Cell.

However, he is on a whole another level as compared to them. This intergalactic beast has the head of a Goat and his strength is unreal.

How will our fighters be able to put a stop to his crimes? This is mostly going to be the story of the next season and if it turns out to be true, the story after THAT would be about Granolah.

But that’s searching very far. For now, we can say that the series would either deal with Moro or Broly.

Some people claim that the anime would have a completely new story but that’s unlikely because that would lead to these stories ending up wasted.

Online Reactions To Dragon Ball Super Season 2

Now let’s see what online fans have to say about the next season of Dragon Ball Super.

This would allow us to know if other fans appreciate the sequel or have second thoughts about it.

Let’s have a look.

Twitter Reaction

The first platform is obviously Twitter. With many Dragon Ball Creators on this platform, fan reactions hold even more significance than what we would expect.

So what do Dragon Ball fans on Twitter have to say? Well well, it looks like fan animations are ruling twitter.

A few fans are claiming how season 2 would be super cool and have a calm and assured tone in their text.

Some are making memes and others are sharing fan works. The platform seems to be confident that the sequel would happen and I do agree with them.

We can say that the Twitter fandom is positive towards Dragon Ball Super season 2.

Reddit Reaction

The next platform we would have a look at is Reddit. Let’s see what these fans have to say about the show and its next part.

Looks like these guys are rather curious about the release of season 2 of Dragon Ball Super and multiple rumors are going on here and there.

Reddit fans are also discussing Manga and anime differences and chances for season 2. Just some typical Reddit conversations.

However, our takeaway from this is that they have a positive idea about the series since I didn’t see many pessimistic comments about it.

People seem to be certain about its release and they are pushing 2023 as the potential year.

We can understand!

Quora Reaction

The final platform that would help us know about what fans think about Dragon Ball Super Season 2 is Quora, the question bank.

Fans here tend to ask about the release and sequels of their favorite series. So let’s see what they have to say about Dragon Ball.

As we expected, Quora users are doubtful about the sequel. Not whether it would happen or not but rather when it will happen.

Many claim that the series would take a few years because of a certain pandemic situation that went on.

Others think that the show is in production and would come out soon. Either way, all of the answers are positive and seem to be looking forward to the next part.

Across the board, on all these platforms, we can see a unanimous love and appreciation for the series and a desire for its sequel.

It’s not surprising since it’s Dragon Ball but fans are especially calm about it. Goes to show how confident we are in our beloved series.

But why do people want another season? What’s the driving force here? Let’s have a look.

Why Do We Want A Second Season So Badly?

Many of you who aren’t massive dragon ball fans might be wondering why so many people want a second season to dragon ball super.

Well, the thing is, for many people, Dragon Ball is the pinnacle of entertainment. It is a series that made their childhood AWESOME and they wish to keep this nostalgia close to their heart forever.

If you didn’t watch Dragon Ball or Dragon Ball Z in your childhood then you won’t understand this.

But if you did, then I know how delighted you were when Dragon Ball Super first came out.

The idea of reliving your past with a new and unique touch to it was incredible.

And now that we are assured about getting another experience that we cherished so much, the desire for a sequel is bound to be born.

And THAT is why fans want a second season of Dragon Ball Super so much.

But are we the only ones or are there other people out there? Why not have a look?

Ratings And Reviews Won So Far By Dragon Ball Super

Let’s see the ratings and reviews regarding our beloved Dragon Ball Super. These scores and thoughts would allow us to get a clear idea about what fans think specifically about the series that they watched.

And searching for them isn’t that hard because we have websites like IMDb and MyAnimeList.


IMDb Rating for dragon ball super

This is one of the most popular websites out there for rating and reviewing movies and TV series.

Let’s see what casual fans think about Dragon Ball Super. Well, our fellow fans have stayed true to their culture by giving a fantastic 8.3/10 as a score.

You have my respect boys! The reviews are just as positive with people appreciating the fights and hype of the series.

Many claim that the high-octane action and tense situations in this anime are unmatched. Well, I see nothing wrong here.


myanimelist most helpful review on dragon ball super

Yet another website that needs our recognition is MyAnimeList, the hub for anime fans. It is where the hardcore anime fans gather and discuss their love for their favorite series.

Let’s see what they have to say about Dragon Ball Super. Alright, so our beloved series had managed a solid score of 7.40/10 on this website.

The reviews seem to be filled with appreciation for animation, art style, and voice acting but criticism for repetitiveness and power system.

But those negatives are from people who don’t know the vibe of Dragon Ball. Otherwise, this anime is loved by many.

So yeah, MyAnimeList has a decent look on Dragon Ball Super. Overall, we can say that Dragon Ball Super is loved and admired by many fans across the world.

All those who had their childhood made awesome by this franchise have a positive outlook towards it.

Loved to see it.

Profit And Sales Details Of Dragon Ball Super Season 2

Now we are going to talk about the most important aspect of anime, Sales. If an anime isn’t profitable then there is no point in making a sequel to it.

This is not true every time but 99% of the time, anime is made for making money.

So if Dragon Ball Super makes enough money, we would most likely see another season.

Let’s start with Manga sales.

Manga sales

Now the manga sales decide whether an anime would be made or not. Although they contribute to the initial season for the most part.

However, postseason manga sales can influence the possibility of another season. So let’s see what Dragon Ball Super Manga has to say to us.

Alright, it turns out that manga has been spiking throughout. It started with around 30K copies for the first volume and 57K for volume 2 in the debut week.

Later on, volume 3 reached over 92K, and volume 4 hit over 150K copies which are incredible numbers!

Moreover, the series had over a million copies sold by 2020 which is a great number for 3 years without any anime to boost the sales.

So yeah, we can rest assured that the manga of Dragon Ball Super is doing great.

No need to worry.

Blu-ray/DVD sales

Blu-rays and DVDs are a major source of income for many anime out there. Even though it doesn’t contribute significantly to anime like Dragon Ball Super which is more inclined towards income from merchandise, it is still a noteworthy contribution.

So let’s have a look. Turns out that in Japan, the average Bluray and DVD sales of Dragon Ball Super were around 1200 per box set.

Whereas in the US, the sales average over 25K copies. This is an incredible number for Blurays and can contribute considerably towards the making of the series.

So yeah, the Blu-ray and DVD sales of Dragon Ball Super were great. Great enough for a sequel to happen.


Now, THIS is a major source of income for anime like Dragon Ball Super. And let me tell you, these sales are super good for our beloved series.

This series earns billions of yen through merchandise and figurines with hundreds of them online and thousands of that merch available, Dragon Ball is an extremely successful series in terms of merchandise sales.

There’s no doubt about that!


Although we already know that the Dragon Ball franchise is packed with cash that is more than enough for the next season to happen, I still wanted to mention this just in case.

The Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie had a box office collection of ¥4 billion in Japan and over $125 million throughout the world.

This made it the highest-grossing anime film of 2018. Told you the companies have more than enough money to make another season.

Looking at all these factors, I can confidently say that money wouldn’t be an issue for the Dragon Ball franchise to avoid another season.

These numbers are stunning! And based on them, we can be certain that a sequel would happen.

But if it does, who all will feature in it?

Famous Characters To Reappear In Dragon Ball Super Season 2

Now it looks like Dragon Ball Super is only a matter of time to happen.

Until then, let’s see which characters could potentially show up in the next season.



The inspiration of millions and heart of billions, Goku is the ruling king of the series that is loved by everyone who watches him.

His dumb yet motivating nature lets people look at him with respect and admiration. You can be sure that his reappearance in the next season would be crucial.



Our Prince Of All Saiyans, the Prideful Vegeta would also make his return in Dragon Ball Season 2.

He is yet to defeat his sworn rival Goku and to do that, he will go to unknown heights.

But hey, don’t forget that apart from being a warrior, he is also a Dad so he has to take care of his family.

Watching him handle his life would be interesting!

Beerus and Whis

Beerus and Whis

The God Of Destruction and his master Whis also contribute significantly to the series. They do things from the side but their acts change the directions of the show in the long run.

Seeing them return in the next season would be great for us in terms of enjoyment and entertainment.

Other characters like Frieza, Jiren, Moro, or Broly might also make an appearance but that would be based on the storyline the series opt for.

Other Decisive Factors for Dragon Ball Super Season 2

Now let’s take a quick look at a few factors that could make or break the series.

We haven’t talked about them separately so this is our moment to discuss them here.

Let’s go.

Ending Of Dragon Ball Super Season 1

The first factor is the ending. If the series got an absolute conclusion then the chances for another season would be less.

But that’s not the case for Dragon Ball Super because the series had an open ending.

If you remember correctly, the ending involved the Tournament being concluded and everything returning to normalcy.

The final scenes involved Goku and Vegeta had a face-off at the place where they first fought, with the same stance as before.

And with that, the series ended. As you can see, the show had an opening that can easily be used for another installment with the introduction of new characters and units.

So we can rest assured that the sequel won’t be a hurdle for this anime.

Controversy Around Dragon Ball Super

The final factor is controversy. If an anime has a major controversy revolving around it then the series might end up not getting a sequel.

Luckily, that’s not the case for Dragon Ball Super. It was banned in Argentina for symbolic violence but many fans online dismissed that saying it was the government going out of their way to put restrictions on it.

It’s a bit more detailed than we think but that shouldn’t hurt the possibility of another season since creators aren’t bothered about this.

If they wish to create another season, they would be able to with no concerns about this incident.

So we can relax about Dragon Ball Super for being safe from any major controversy.


To sum it all up, Dragon Ball Super is a series that has no reason to NOT return back to TVs.

It has great sales, amazing popularity, and overall worldwide recognition. The next season would most likely air in 2023 after the Super Hero movie.

Looking forward to it. Thanks a lot for reading. Until next time, Sayonara!

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