Licensing Exposition is occurring today in Las Vegas. This is the biggest occasion on the planet for licensing and over the last number of days, we have actually gotten better takes a look at a few of our preferred franchises. This consists of Legendary’s large library of material. Our own Editor-in-Chief, Steven Weintraub, is going to the exposition and took some photos of the coolest things the Famous cubicle needed to provide.

Among Legendary’s most recent and greatest franchises, Dune was on complete display screen at the occasion. The cubicle had ads for the sci-fi series consisting of a banner including Timothée Chalamet’s Paul Atreides. It likewise had 3 outfits from the very first movie on display screen consisting of among the stillsuits, a Home of Atreides Uniform, and among Woman Jessica’s (Rebecca Ferguson) gowns. Dune was among the best movies to release in 2015, being cherished by category fans and critics alike. Casting for the follow up is well in progress with Christopher Walken, Florence Pugh, and Austin Butler signing up with the cast. Dune II is set to begin recording this fall and is on track for an October 2023 release date.


Among the lesser-known homes that Legendary has is Netflix’s Enola Holmes which was a surprise struck when it was launched on the banner in 2020. The movie followed Sherlock Holmes more youthful sibling Enola who was played by Complete Stranger Things Millie Bobby Brown. It likewise included Henry Cavill as the well-known investigator. The very first movie was such an enjoyable, fourth-wall-breaking, great time, and it was a fresh take on the source product. A follow up was rapidly greenlit after the very first movies release. A marketing poster can be seen at Legendary’s cubicle, which is simply the very first movie’s poster including the primary cast, however its a good pointer that the follow up is coming quickly. There is no authorities release date for the 2nd movie yet, however it needs to get here at some point this year.

Nevertheless, the primary star of the cubicle here was Legendary’s crown gem, the MonsterVerse. At the exposition, the MonsterVerse is represented by this cool art piece including Godzilla and King Kong battling around lots of other beasts seen throughout this contemporary franchise. The MonsterVerse logo design is seen in the middle of the art and Godzilla and Kong are likewise on the exact same Famous banner including Chalamet.

The franchise has actually included 2014’s Godzilla, Kong: Skull Island, Godzilla: King of the Beasts, and Godzilla vs Kong, however theres more beast insanity en route. Legendary has both a Godzilla vs Kong follow up and a Godzilla television program for Apple television+ in the works. Prior To Godzilla vs Kong in 2015, this variation of the franchise seemed unwinding. Nevertheless, the movie being among the very first significant smash hits to bring people back to theaters truly assisted its box office. The legendary beast face-off made over $450 million around the world. That was with the day and date release on HBO Max, however it was simply an actually amusing movie in its own right. There is no release window for either the series or Godzilla vs Kong 2 yet. Nevertheless, it is simply soothing understanding that there will be more Godzilla in our future.

Ideally, these 3 franchises being at the exposition is an indication that we will get more info on each specific task quickly. Up until then, you can see our images from Legendarys cubicle at Licensing Exposition down below. You can likewise stream Dune and the MonsterVerse on HBO Max along with stream Enola Holmes on Netflix today.