Dynasty Warriors Sequel: Everything We Know


Loosely based on the game series of the same name by Koei and Omega Force, ‘Dynasty Warriors’ is a visually stunning historical action-adventure movie with some supernatural flashy elements in the mix. Brought to the cinematic medium by director Roy Chow, the film may seem outrageous at times, but that is part of the fun. Revolving around the final years of the Han dynasty, the story centers on ambitious and overreaching general Gong Zhuo’s coup of the royal throne. As the kingdom is torn apart by greed, lechery, and betrayal, mighty heroes from all over the country come together to form a coalition against the self-elected chancellor. By the time the story comes to an end, the landscape is marred by dead soldiers in the wake of a devastating war. As the story comes to a standstill in an open-ended conclusion, the audience must be looking forward to an imminent sequel. If you are out investigating the prospects of a sequel, let us aid you in your journey.

Dynasty Warriors 2 Release Date

‘Dynasty Warriors’ premiered in China and Hong Kong on April 29, 2021, after incurring a prolonged delay by the pandemic. On July 1, 2021, the film found its way to the popular streaming platform Netflix, releasing in countries like Germany, India, Poland, and Singapore.

Let us now tally the prospects of a sequel. Although neither director Roy Chow nor the producers divulged any information regarding a sequel, the prospects look bright indeed. The film is a live-action adaptation of a widely popular game franchise, and as there are 9 installments in the game series, there should at least be a couple of sequels. Moreover, action-adventure films are typically known for their long hauls, therefore the sequel seems likely.

However, there is a little problem. With a production budget of $300 million Hong Kong dollars, the movie spends quite a lot to bring the grand cinematic vision to reality. However, upon its release, the film was received with apathy by the critics, and it polarized the fans of the game franchise. While some fans accepted the movie with all its visual glory, some were outraged by the over-the-top action sequences.

As a direct consequence, the film has only been able to gross less than a twelfth of its lavish expenses. While the meager global box office collection may discourage the producers to move forward with the franchise, there is still a thin option of the sequel coming to reality. If we go by the story itself, the ending sees Dong Zhuo escaping his palace, leaving the imperial Jade Seal for Sun Jian. While Sun captures the power, the blood-brothers train the rebel forces for another attack. Therefore, the war is far from over.

However, the original film entered the pre-production stage in 2016 and was four years in the making. The post-production took up more than a year, which is evident when you look at the heavy CGI usage in the film. So, even if the sequel idea is brought to fruition, we have to wait for a while before visiting the movie theatre. If the sequel is greenlit by the end of 2021, we expect the ‘Dynasty Warriors’ sequel to release sometime in 2024 or later.

Dynasty Warriors 2 Cast: Who Can Be in It?

All of the central cast members will reprise their roles in all likelihood. However, the film was vehemently criticized for its casting, and the producers may consider bringing in new actors. If the former is the case, we expect Louis Koo (Lu Bu), Kai Wang (Cao Cao), Tony Yo-Ning Yang (Liu Bei), Geng Han (Guan Yu), Justin Cheung (Zhang Fei), and Coulee Nazha (Diao Chan) taking up central roles in the sequel. None of the major characters are dead, and in all probability, all of them are going to progress their story arcs in the sequel. We may expect some fresh faces too, and they would be revealed once the production begins.

Dynasty Warriors 2 Plot: What Can it Be about?

At the end of the first movie, the battle between the royal army and the rebels comes to an impasse, with all the warlords vying for power. In the finality of events, it is Sun Jian who ascends the throne, while Cao Cao and the three sworn brothers are left to gather another army to fight with Sun Jian. In another related development, Dong Zhuo elopes the city of Luoyang, but he is far from dead. Diao Chan accepts to marry Dong Zhuo while plotting to assassinate him.

The sequel will perhaps pick up from the open-ended finale of the first movie. Although we do not know anything about the development of the script, some things are surely anticipated. The film is heavily based on history, and if we turn the pages of history, we shall see that Lu Bu ultimately atones for his earlier treachery by killing Dong Zhuo. On the other hand, even if it may look like that Cao Cao only intends to protect the Han prince, he clearly has some kingly aspirations of his own. We also know that Cao Cao becomes a grand chancellor of the Eastern Han dynasty in his later years, although looking at the film, he is quite far from obtaining the title. In all probability, the future installments will chronicle the history of the “Three Kingdom” period in greater detail.

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