E. against actress Jacqueline Fernandez. D. 7.27 crore assets attached

Mumbai (Bureau) – Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez is in big trouble. E. D. Has taken major action against Jacqueline Fernandez in a forcible recovery case. E. D. Has attached assets worth Rs 7.27 crore to Jacqueline. Jacqueline’s Rs 7.12 crore F.I. D. Including

E. D. According to the report, the swindler Sukesh Chandrasekhar had given a gift of Rs 5.71 crore to Jacqueline with extortion money. Sukesh also sent expensive gifts to Jacqueline’s family members. Gifts for the family include a car and expensive items.

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Let’s say that Jacqueline has been in E.C. for a long time. D. Was on the radar. Jacqueline’s name came under controversy when her relationship with thug Sukesh Chandrasekhar was revealed.

Sukesh had defrauded a woman of Rs 200 crore while she was lodged in a Delhi jail. Sukesh then gave Jacqueline millions of dollars in expensive gifts. These include expensive gifts like diamonds, jewelery, a horse worth Rs 52 lakh. Sukesh had earned all this money through crime. E. D. According to him, this is the initial action against Jacqueline. Jacqueline could be even more involved in this case. E. D. May attach to Jacqueline’s other assets.

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