Edens Zero Episode 12: What to Expect?


Based on the original manga series written and illustrated by Hiro Mashima (‘Fairy Tail‘), Edens Zero’ is a space fantasy TV anime. The story revolves around Shiki Granbell, a human boy who grows up in the theme-park planet Granbell and is the wielder of the Gravity Ether Gear. After he leaves Granbell with semi-popular social media influencer Rebecca Blugarden, Shiki becomes an adventurer and begins searching for Mother, the deity who created the universe, after learning that even his adoptive grandfather Ziggy had failed to find her. He inherits Ziggy’s ship, the eponymous Edens Zero, and starts building up its crew. The first two episodes of ‘Edens Zero’ were screened online in advance on March 29, 2021. The pilot episode officially aired on Japanese TV on April 11, 2021. Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming episode of the show.

Edens Zero Episode 12 Release Date

‘Edens Zero’ episode 12, titled ‘New Friends,’ is set to premiere on June 27, 2021, on Nippon TV. Studio J.C.Staff developed the series, with Shinji Ishihara serving as the primary director, Yuji Suzuki as the assistant director, and Mitsutaka Hirota as the primary scriptwriter. Yoshihisa Hirano composed the music, while Shunya Kikuchi designed the characters. Takanori Nishikawa sang the opening theme, “Eden Through the Rough,” and CHiCO with HoneyWorks sang the ending theme, “Bouken no VLOG.”

Where to Stream Edens Zero Season 1 Online?

Japanese viewers can stream ‘Edens Zero’ with Original Japanese audio and subtitles on Netflix Japan. The episodes will be available for viewers outside Japan in Fall 2021.

Edens Zero Episode 12 Spoilers

In episode 11, Witch deduces that the Chronophage will arrive in an hour and lands Edens Zero on Guilst to wait for Shiki and the others. Meanwhile, Shiki and Jinn fight but are interrupted by the arrival of “Sister” and Ganoff. As Rebecca leads the girls out of Illega’s tower, she discovers that one of them is missing. She later discovers that Illega has captured the other girl. Rebecca manages to defeat the toad-like alien and free the girl. Meanwhile, Weisz and Homura free the real Sister.

Remembering what Rebecca has taught him about shooting, Shiki emerges victorious against the combined might of the fake Sister, Ganoff, and Jinn. The real Sister comes there and thrashes up the fake one. It is revealed that the fake Sister has been channeling the real one’s healing powers and calling it her own for the last 10 years. The real Sister then completes the mission for which she originally came to Guilst: freeing the petrified girls. After Shiki, the real Sister, and their allies depart, hoping to leave the planet before the Chronophage’s arrival, Jinn kills the fake Sister for lying to him. in episode 12, the heroes might successfully leave Guilst. The Edens Zero crew might learn that Homura is also looking for Valkyrie, whose ether gear she has inherited. And Weisz might finally join the crew.

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