Eijaz Khan says he gets ‘triggered’ by watching Bigg Boss: ‘I relive the trauma some times’


Actor Eijaz Khan stated in an interview that he doesn’t feel sorry about admitting on national tv that he cheated on a historical partner. He stated that he has apologised to the woman in expect, and that he used to be infected when certain files outlets misidentified her. He furthermore spoke about consciously staying away from Bigg Boss, as looking out on the expose triggers him.

Eijaz suggested The Instances of India that accepting the error helped him grow as an particular particular person. The actor is on the second courting Pavitra Punia, whom he met on the actuality expose Bigg Boss just a few years within the past.

He had first spoken about his infidelity on Juzz Baat, the set he used to be asked to title his biggest feel sorry about. Eijaz stated he spoke about it on Bigg Boss on myth of he used to be ‘residing in a fool’s paradise’ and used to be attempting to ‘elaborate’ his wrongs.

He stated he doesn’t feel sorry about admitting his mistake ‘on myth of that lady doesn’t belong to the commerce’. To compose amends, he stated he asked for forgiveness, and used to be granted it.

Eijaz furthermore revealed that he ‘consciously’ tries to preserve away from the field of Bigg Boss on the give an explanation for of his therapist, on myth of it’s some distance triggering to him. He stated that he dreams about his time on the expose generally, and generally, he sees the unhurried Sidharth Shukla in those dreams. “I relive the trauma in some unspecified time in the future,” he stated, explaining that he tries to preserve away from that universe.

He stated that he feels he didn’t rep closure on the expose, as he used to be forced to bow out by shock attributable to prior work commitments. He stated that in some unspecified time in the future, he will doubtless be ready to relive those memories and survey the expose.

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