El Muerto Bad Bunny Confirms Exit from Spider-Man Spin-Off

Speaking to Vanity Fair, the Bad Bunny singer and actor spoke about his departure from Sony’s Spider-Man spin-off El Muerto.

When asked about the film during the interview, he said: “I don’t know exactly what to say. It is a delicate question.”

His press secretary Sujeylee Solá then chimed in: “Obviously he’s out. Next question.”

El Muerto remains in Sony’s plans, even if Bad Bunny is not involved in this.

The character first appeared in the comics at a J. Jonah Jameson charity event, where he hoped El Muerto would defeat Spider-Man and expose him in the ring.

Directed by Jonás Cuarón and with a screenplay by Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer (Blue Beetle), El Muerto is part of a series of films based on Marvel characters and related to Spider-Man produced by Sony Pictures.

Previously scheduled for January 12, 2024, El Muerto has been dropped from Sony Pictures’ release schedule and has an unspecified release date.

Latin American Grammy winner Bad Bunny made his Hollywood debut in another Sony Pictures movie, Bullet Train, starring Brad Pitt and Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

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