Elizabeth Olsen Pushes Back on Idea Scarlet Witch Is Doctor Strange 2 Villain

Elizabeth Olsen Pushes Back on Idea Scarlet Witch Is Doctor Strange 2 Villain
Elizabeth Olsen Pushes Back on Idea Scarlet Witch Is Doctor Strange 2 Villain

Regardless of all that her character carries out in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Scarlet Witch actor and Marvel Cinematic Universe professional Elizabeth Olsen does not believe that Wanda Maximoff is the motion picture’s villain.

While doing a Q&A session on Good Morning America’s Instagram, Olsen reacted to a question that asked her just how enjoyable it was to play Scarlet Witch and be a villain in Multiverse of Madness. Olsen has formerly specified that while she may not see Wanda as naturally lawless, she doesn’t believe her personality is a duty design either. “And I do not like answering that concern at all because she is a lady that’s made huge blunders, and I don’t desire to believe of her as a function design, motivating kids to make comparable violent errors,” Olsen discussed.

Additionally, Olsen explained Scarlet Witch coming to be a villain as “encouraging” for her efficiency.” [Wanda] has a new sort of self-confidence that we haven’t seen in 8 years, and she’s actually not excusing anything,” Olsen stated. “She feels extremely clear in her ideas. I find it extremely admirable, and also I enjoyed tossing her right into this journey of madness. I assume it’s all right to play characters that individuals get discouraged with sometimes. I appreciate that as a star.”

Scarlet Witch Goes to Therapy

Olsen wasn’t the only one to protect Scarlet Witch’s hostile duty in Multiverse of Madness. “My interpretation of WandaVision is that she confronts her pain and she allows go of the individuals she has under her control, yet I do not assume she necessarily settles her grief in that show, and I do not think she solves her rage,” Waldron stated. Waldron additionally discussed the issues some WandaVision fans had regarding Scarlet Witch’s character arc in Multiverse of Madness, saying that he comprehended those fans’ anger.

As for future MCU getaways as Wanda, Olsen said she assumes she would certainly repeat the function for a Scarlet Witch film, though it needs to be an excellent tale. “I believe these movies are best when it’s not regarding creating content, but about having a really strong point of sight– not since you require to have a three-picture plan,” she stated.

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