Elvis trailer: Austin Butler, Tom Hanks promise an electrifying movie experience


The trailer of Baz Luhrmann’s upcoming film Elvis is out, and it’s electrifying. The biopic is in step with the existence and instances of The US’s legendary pop singer Elvis Presley. And judging by the trailer, it appears to be like to revisit a significant phase of The US’s ancient past, which is vital culturally, socially and politically.

The trailer begins with Tom Hanks’ Tom Parker impending a young Elvis Presley. Tom sees a large opportunity in the queer talent of Elvis and supplies to promote him. And thus begins the plug of one of many most famed tune icons, who goes on to be famed because the “King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.” Establish of residing in the backdrop of The US’s civil rights movement, the film is all about Elvis discovering a command that will per chance very successfully be outmoded to unify a country, which is divided on the lines of hobble.

Baz Luhrmann has mounted the film on a enormous scale promising us a visible spectacle. And not to level out how Austin Butler is presented as Elvis. His correct looks and his effort to channel the charm of Elvis are mighty. And Tom Hanks is virtually unrecognisable in his prosthetic compose-up as a cold-hearted, shrewd, cigar-smoking businessman.

Warner Bros has assured fans that Elvis will handiest start in theatres, given the firm’s most modern pivot against aggressively rising its footprint on the OTT dwelling. The film is due in cinemas on June 23.

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