Entertainment News- Bigg Boss 15, Prateek Sahajpal wept bitterly over Tejashwi Prakash’s comment


As we bid you whenever that TV’s most controversial demonstrate Bigg Boss, wherein one thing love this occurs each day, seeing which other folks not finest be taught in amazement but furthermore originate taking into account that how can this occur, any individual How can I be so dull and dull. But this demonstrate remains a topic of dialogue for this cause.

This week furthermore the demonstrate remains a topic of dialogue, as we bid all eyes are on Tejashwi Prakash within the house, Tejashwi Prakash within the final episode. The label to be successful within the finale was as soon as misplaced. on this episode There was as soon as furthermore a heated argument between Tejashwi and Prateek Sahajpal.

Let us bid you that at some stage within the duty, there was as soon as an altercation between the two, on this argument Tejaswini made a really vital allegation, this allegation had upset Prateek loads. After which Prateek was as soon as seen crying loudly due to Tejashwi’s allegations. Prateek sat next to Shamita Shetty and cried loads. Shamita was as soon as seen pacifying the crying Prateek.

Rather then Shamita, Rakhi Sawant was as soon as furthermore looking out to own Prateek, let us bid you that Prateek is the legitimate boy within the house. But Tejashwi’s feedback had been often swirling in Prateek’s tips and he was as soon as crying. Tejashwi was as soon as trolled on social media. Tejashwi is asserted to be playing the sufferer and sympathy card, In this form of order, his fans are offended with Tejashwi as we bid.

Even earlier than this, many contestants had quarreled with Tejashwi. Tejashwi has had a dispute with Shamita Shetty and Rakhi Sawant. In some unspecified time in the future of the duty, there was as soon as a heated argument between Karan and Tejashwi. Each secure left no stone unturned to fight with each and every different. But after the quarrel, Tejashwi has suffered loads. Seeing Tejashwi, the entire contestants of the house took pity on him.


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