Entertainment News- Mahabharat fame Nitish Bhardwaj divorced after 12 years of marriage; Said- ‘Separation is more painful than death’


Whenever you happen to take note of spending your life with somebody and you receive married to him, then that person becomes an integral section of your life, but when he will get separated from you after a while, then it is a immense distress. Nothing can happen to you. The identical has took place with Krishna, now not those above, but with Nitish Bhardwaj, who performs Krishna in TV history’s most popular serial Mahabharata, who’s his wife. IAS Married to Smita Gate 12 Years later, they parted ways.

both in september 2019 I had made up our minds to separate. The matter is at sigh their own praises in courtroom. In a recent interview, Nitish confirmed his separation from his wife. This time, They stated, Divorce modified into painful. In this interview, Nitish has expressed exertion over his divorce. The couple has two twin daughters and at sigh their own praises lives with their mother in Indore.

Nitish stated., “Yes, here is lawful. i september 2019 I filed for divorce within the family courtroom in Mumbai. I will now not commentary on why or why we parted ways. The matter is restful in courtroom. All I’m capable of claim is that every so continuously divorce is more painful than demise, Since it be valuable to live with a broken heart.

he goes on, ‘But when a family breaks up, formative years endure basically the most. Therefore, it becomes the responsibility of the folk to create sure that that their choice does now not distress the formative years.


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