Entertainment News- The kid who counted the stars of the film Kuch Kuch Hota Hai has become big, see pictures here


We grasp now been gazing TV, movies for a protracted time, many actors grasp design and long gone in these movies and TV serials, but there are numerous such stars who grasp left their appearing imprint on us and grasp made a order in our hearts for hundreds of years. Whom we serene be wakeful, but there were many itsy-bitsy one actors in these stars, whose model and dialogues were liked by the folk.

one such itsy-bitsy one artist, ‘going to tussie?’ This dialogue used to be spoken at the identical time by a exiguous chief i.e. Parjan Dastur. Photos and movies of Parjan Dastur grasp surfaced only in the near past. I couldn’t grasp my eyes after I saw these photos.

uncover you that Recently, photos of Parjan Dastur went viral on social media, fans are unable to grasp their eyes after seeing these photos., On the present time the itsy-bitsy prince has grown so remarkable. The particular thing is that the family has also obtained married. Parjan married Delna Shroff in the identical 365 days. He is continually active on social media and retains sharing his photos and movies.

Parjan Dastur has labored in not one but many movies. even although, He obtained right recognition thanks to his role as a minor lead in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.


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