Evergreen protagonist to play Vijay’s brother .. Unexpected alliance

Commander 66

Commander 66 is a film directed by Vamsi and starring Vijay. The film is being produced by Dil Raju.

Also, Daman is composing music to play Rashmika Mandana, who has teamed up with Vijay for the first time.

While it was initially said that Sarathkumar was playing Vijay’s brother, it was later confirmed that he was playing Vijay’s father.

Also in the film, Vijay is said to have two brothers, one of whom is Prakash Raj.

But, so far it was not known who was going to play the second brother.

Evergreen protagonist

In this case, Talks are said to be going on with Evergreen 80s protagonist Mike Mohan, Vijay’s second brother in Commander 66.

Let’s wait and see if the crew makes an official announcement soon.

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