Every ‘Household Man’ Season, Ranked From Worst To Best

Among tv’s most iconic adult animated shows, Household Man, has actually gone far for itself given that its best in 1999. Following the shenanigans of the Griffin household — Peter (Seth MacFarlane), Lois (Alex Borstein), Meg (Mila Kunis), Chris (Seth Green), Stewie (MacFarlane), and their pet, Brian (likewise Seth MacFarlane) — the program is renowned for referencing popular culture, teasing celebs, and its crass humor. Audiences can remain updated with every episode of the ultimate funny by means of Disney+, Hulu, and FOX.Winning 37 awards from Primetime Emmys to Teenager Option Awards, the series has a beauty for producing an adult animation with legendary comical endeavors. With 20 seasons of laughs, debate, and unusual cutaways, Household Man has actually had its low and high in regards to season quality – though this hasn’t prevented fans from the adorable series.


Season 17

Season 17 of Household Man, airing from 2018 to 2019, premiered with 20 episodes. In this season, Meg contends at the Olympics, Peter battles with Donald Trump (Josh Robert Thompson), Lois takes the Marie Kondo technique too far, and Brian weds Jess (Casey Wilson) — a female who has cancer. Making its location as the worst of Household Man, the season counts on cutaway gags, old jokes and styles, and Peter’s lack of knowledge to survive the episodes.

The season likewise falls back into its roots of episodic nature, where no clear story appears to stand for the next season, with the only favorable being that it grants Meg with more screen time. While some chuckle-worthy moments exist, Season 17 does little to stand apart, leaving it irrelevant and stagnant.


Season 12

Including 21 episodes in 2014, Season 12 leads astray, ending up being a parody of what Household Man utilized to be. Standout plots this season consist of a Quahog-wide witch hunt, Stewie damaging his time maker, Brian preferring his profession over his boy, and Cleveland (Mike Henry) and Peter being separated when their spouses enter into an argument.

Nevertheless, when talking about Season 12, the subject will constantly alter to the most questionable finale episode, “Life Of Brian,” which illustrates the death of Brian after being struck by an automobile. Audiences were made that the humanized pet was eliminated in such an ordinary method however was a lot more outraged by the truth that it occurred at all. Season 17 encapsulates self-contained episodes instead of establishing with time, advising audiences of Season 1 all over once again. Random instead of determined, the season does not have a freshness, where it prefers shock aspect over the common humor it was as soon as understood for.


Season 18

Airing on FOX in between 2019 and 2020 with 20 episodes was season 18. The season shows Quagmire’s father’s (Seth MacFarlane) sex modification, Meg pretending to be dead, Peter in a coma, and Principal Shepherd (Gary Cole) relocating with the Griffins after being fired.

The humor takes a rear seats with a sharp concentrate on popular culture referrals. While the episodes are innovative as constantly, the instructions they wind up taking ended up being inadequate at amusing the audience in the common Household Man method.

Season 19

Season 19 consisted of 20 episodes, covering from 2020 to 2021, with sectors such as Stewie stating his very first word, Joe (Patrick Warburton) asking Peter to be his child’s godfather, Meg going to college, and the Griffin household handling Christmas for the very first time without Lois.

Following the similarity Season 18, Household Man is still battling with its quality in its later seasons — especially by breaking the 4th wall, which fans argue shouldn’t take place in the series. Dry and boring, the series has actually developed into a meta-humor program that makes rather fundamental and underwhelming political commentary rather of showcasing the idiotic habits of the Quahog neighborhood.


Season 13

Season 13 of Household Man was telecasted from 2014 to 2015, with 18 episodes. The season follows misadventures such as Lois and Peter opening a cookie shop (Breaking Bad design), Jesus (Alec Sulkin) trying to lose his virginity, Stewie fertilizing himself with Brian’s DNA, and Meg ending up being a foot design.

Opening with a crossover with The Simpsons, the very first episode of the season guaranteed a zappy, enjoyable thread to persist throughout the remainder of the episodes. Nevertheless, the audience rapidly recognized that Season 13 remained in the exact same down spiral as the handful of seasons prior to it. Season 13 left audience members feeling uneasy with the contrived writing and its offensive (however not absurd) humor.

Season 16

The 16th installation of Household Man aired from 2017 into 2018, including 20 episodes. Fans follow the members of Quahog, where Brian is outed for publishing an offending tweet, Stewie goes to a psychologist, Peter and the kids sign up with the U.S Coast Guard, and Chris goes on an experience around town to discover an unusual dollar expense offered to him by Carter (Seth MacFarlane).

Season 16 differentiated itself as an irregular season, teasing fans with exceptional episodes such as “HTTPete,” and after that frustrating them with ones such as “The Unkindest Cut.” Its disparity originates from foreseeable jokes, filler moments, and episodic plots. On the other hand, it provides audiences character advancement, less cutaways, and twinkles of the best of what Household Man can produce.


Season 15

Season 15 premiered in 2016 to 2017, with 20 episodes. The season produced zany stories such as Taylor Swift (Ursula Taherian) consenting to go to prom with Chris, Lois and Peter leading an anti-vax motion in Quahog, Quagmire ending up being consumed with dating apps, and Meg signing up with a roller derby group.

Season 15 is concerned in the exact same world within the later half of the series, where audiences are not pleased with the comedic/dark humor/character advancement trifecta that made Household Man so popular in its earlier days. It might discover character characteristics that were left from the earlier seasons, however it’s total a hit-and-miss season.

Season 14

Brian lying on a car with Megs friend

Airing from 2015 to 2016, Season 14 consisted of 20 episodes in overall. A few of the standout episodes concentrate on plots such as the stress in between Peter and Quagmire when Quagmire states his love for Lois, Stewie ending up being a star thanks to a peanut butter commercial, Chris ending up being based on a homecoming trick, and Brian and Stewie taking a trip to India to fulfill Brian’s latest love interest.

Similar to its following season, Season 14 falls under a depression. Attempting to deal with concerns such as compound dependence for kids with ADHD for adult ease doesn’t have the exact same effect without compelling humor and even worse effects for the character’s actions. While there are twinkles of humor, the episodes did not have motivation for anything impactful to come out of them.


Season 20

Season 20 is the most recent in the Household Man series and was launched in 2021, with 20 episodes to its name. In this season, fans are welcomed into episodes following experiences such as Lois ending up being addicted to pain relievers, Meg working as a trip motorist, Peter and Chris heading on a trip to show the presence of Chris’ sweetheart, and Stewie thinking he has actually gotten his very first duration.

The indifferent reception to the episodes so far permits season 20’s low ranking among the series. Fans appear to be at chances with season 20: in one method, the humor has actually been applauded for being a redeeming quality, however in the exact same vein, it has actually been critiqued for its “newfound wokeness,” enabling the audience to think back a time when Household Man pressed previous borders to produce a unique shock-factor.

Season 1

Household Man started in 1999, including just 7 episodes. The season ended up being understood for episodes such as Peter losing his task and blowing well-being cash, Brian arguing for his rights after going into a canine program, Lois ending up being a singer in Peter’s basement bar, and Stewie escaping from house. Although it was a short intro, it was popular as a fresh take on the extended family on television — a cruder variation of The Simpsons however a sillier variation of South Park.

Its political incorrectness is understood for strolling the (thin) line in between poignancy and dark humor, however in such a way that does not constantly strike the sweet area. While Season 1 was not the best of the Household Man series, it ought to be applauded for its capability to bring a fresh point of view to adult animations.


Season 11

Season 11 of Household Man aired from 2012 to 2013 with 22 episodes. The season follows the Griffins as they traverse through Lois’ midlife crisis, Peter’s retelling of the Nativity story, Chris’ area cadetship, Brian and Stewie’s composing competition, and Quagmire weding a woman of the street while intoxicated.

Fans were left torn as Household Man altered their tone to a more vicious design of humor this season, which didn’t agree with everybody who was utilized to their normal dark humor. In addition, while it appears to kick back into well-timed cutaway sectors, Season 11 had fun with some darker styles that didn’t mix with the humor, making it vulnerable to examination.

Season 10

2011-2012 combined a collection of 23 episodes to mark Household Man season 10. The season commemorates its rowdy misadventures with plots such as Ryan Reynolds ending up being consumed with Peter, Quagmire conjecturing with Meg, Brian dating a blind lady, and Joe unfaithful on Bonnie (Jennifer Tilly).

This season is called the start of the “demise” of Household Man for devoted audiences, Season 10 surprised fans with a drop in their composing quality. Incontrovertibly, nevertheless, Household Man still made fans laugh and rejoice at moments in the program.


Season 7

Season 7 of Household Man was telecasted from 2008 to 2009, with 16 episodes. The season showcased episodes such as Peter’s iconic fascination with the “Surfin Bird” by the Trashmen, Brian and Stewie teleporting to Nazi Germany, Lois ending up being a FOX News speaker, and Brian’s effort to legislate cannabis.

Season 7 ended up being popular for its smart popular culture referrals, its capability to utilize dark humor without reviewing the edge, and its production of the appealing tune “Everything’s Better With A Bag Of Weed.” It kept audiences pleased with its brazen episodes, making it among the favored seasons of the series.

Season 9

Including 18 episodes from 2010 to 2011 was Season 9 of Household Man. The season revealed special plots such as Quahog’s murder secret, Lois ending up being an expert fighter, Brian contributing his kidney to Peter, and Meg trying to be included with Joe.

Season 9 produced insights into the primary characters to provide measurement, which was well gotten by audiences, continuing the favorable reception from Season 8. The opening episode — “And Then There Were Fewer” — stays a fan preferred throughout all the Household Man episodes due to its standout plot and amusing humor.


Season 8

Understood for its newly found imagination, Season 8 ranged from 2009 to 2010, with 21 episodes. Season 8 has stories such as Brian and Stewie taking a trip into the multiverse, Quagmire handling his baby, Meg concealing her criminal sweetheart in your house, and Peter and the gang going on a journey to discover the source of an unclean joke.

Compared to its older seasons, this season got out of package, with a darker tone mixing in with the normal brazen, ridiculous funny. The darkness mostly originates from the advancement of Brian’s character, which enables the audience to sympathize with him rather of disliking him. Season 8 is likewise understood for being the last season that is pleasurable and one that is still the “same old” Household Man.

Season 2

The long-awaited 2nd season of Household Man aired from 1999 to 2000, with a a lot longer run of 21 episodes. Displayed in this season were experiences such as Brian recognizing that he enjoys Lois, Peter handling the function of Death (Standard MacDonald), Chris ending up being a skilled painter, and Meg making additional money when she pretends that Stewie is her boy.

Remarkable and amusing, Season 2 has actually been well concerned in the Household Man neighborhood. The season every fan was awaiting, Season 2 will not dissatisfy those looking for childish shenanigans and dark humor.


Season 3

Airing from 2001 to 2002, Season 3 consisted of 22 episodes in overall. These episodes consist of when Lois ends up being a blackbelt in martial arts, Brian directs a porno movie, Peter transforms Chris to Judaism, and Joe is trained for the handicapped decathlon with the assistance of Peter.

After a short cancellation of Household Man due to low scores, Season 3 was launched. The jokes in Season 3 relate to the episode’s plot, the cutaways are completely timed, and the Griffin household is the ideal balance of zany and offending without it being insulting or childish.

Season 5

The 5th season of Household Man encapsulated 18 episodes that ranged from 2006 to 2007. The comedy premiered episodes revealing Lois mentor sex-ed in the kid’s high school, the Griffins opening their dining establishment, Stewie ending up being consumed with Lois after she conserved Rupert, and Meg squashing on Brian after he goes to prom with her.

Political incorrectness runs widespread in this season, yet in the manner in which it in some way handles to upset everybody to the point where it angers nobody — filled with episodes portraying Stewie and Brian enter into all sorts of accidents, Season 5 delighted audiences with more screen time for their relationship, which in turn established their specific characters.


Season 6

Household Man Season 6 came out in 2007-2008, launching just twelve episodes due to the Writers Guild of America strike. Included in Season 6 were plots such as a Star Wars re-enactment, Joe getting a leg transplant, Brian learning that he’s a daddy, and Peter imitating a pirate when he gets an animal parrot.

Making its location as the 2nd-best season of Household Man, Season 6 encapsulated pop-culture referrals, odd stories that highlight the unusual qualities of each member of Quahog, and obviously, the most questionable episodes in the history of the series (which is an excellent accomplishment, or a bad one, depending upon specific humor tastes).

Season 4

The best of Household Man happened in Season 4, which was launched with 30 episodes from 2005 to 2006. Season 4 was applauded for its ingenious plots, such as Brian appearing on The Bachelorette, Peter learning he is lawfully psychologically challenged, Lois ending up being consumed with shoplifting, and Peter composing a sexual book.

After being canceled for a 2nd time, the authors pressed back with exceptional scripts that embodied whatever audiences enjoy about Household Man. Essential in its qualities, the season is the golden era of Quahog and axiomatically the preferred season by a long shot. Serving fans with regularly entertaining episodes throughout the entire season, the 4th season of Household Man is hailed as the best of the whole series.

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