Evil Season 2 Episode 4: What to Expect?


In the third episode of ‘Evil’ season 2, Kristen, Ben, and David rack their brains on a case involving a couple reporting multiple fire incidents at their house. Their adoptive daughter Kristen is the only one expected to have caused them this utter misfortune, and her subsequent linkage with a supernatural spirit confirms the same. For an update about the latest episode of the show, you can go through the recap. Curious about what lies ahead for Kristen and the gang? Here’s what ‘Evil’ season 2 episode 4 might have in store!

Evil Season 2 Episode 4 Release Date

‘Evil’ season 2 episode 4 will release on July 11, 2021, at 3 am ET on Paramount . New episodes land on the network every week, with each one having a runtime of around 60 minutes.

Where to Watch Evil Season 2 Episode 4 Online?

You can watch ‘Evil’ season 2 episode 4 on Paramount at the date and time mentioned above, accessible to users with an active subscription. Cord-cutters will be thrilled to know that they could also watch the show live on platforms like DirecTV and Fubo TVAmazon Prime users can add Paramount to their active subscription for $9.99 per month post-trial. If you’re already on Netflix, you can access the first season on the streamer here.

Evil Season 2 Episode 4 Spoilers

In the fourth episode of ‘Evil’ season 2, Kristen might go back to her old ways, and LeRoux’s death might act as a pacifier in the process. From what we have seen in the previous episode, she is beginning to give in to her temptations, and even a minor slip-up now could expose her in front of her co-workers Ben and David. Moreover, Mathilda’s association with the jinn could further cause trouble for Kristen and the entire team.

Evil Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

The third episode of ‘Evil’ season 2 is titled ‘F Is for Fire.’ It starts with David trying to save the day as he spills everything about Leland to Sister Andrea. He hands over his copy of the map, where she finds one of Leland’s markings and translates it. The team dives deep into a case of mysterious fire incidents at the home of an interfaith couple, the Castles. The prime suspect is their adopted daughter, Mathilda, whose biological mother used to be an arsonist.

When Kristen interviews her, Mathilda claims to be innocent and instead talks about another man, who might be the culprit. Even security footage does not reveal any clues. After strenuous research, Ben concludes that Mathilda might be in touch with an Islamic spirit, also called jinn. The accusations come back to haunt her again when the investigators pick up a chemistry set lying in Mathilda’s room, the only viable explanation for the explosion.

However, the young girl is adamant about being innocent and predicts that the jinn will return to haunt the others. Sure enough, Ben and Kristen have a troubled night. Later, Brian proposes hosting an exorcism for Mathilda without consulting Jane. Ben suggests inviting an imam, an infallible Muslim leader equipped to chase away the spirit. As the case takes a toll on the group, Kristen, on the other hand, is about to lose control. She heads out to a bar and meets a handsome man but ditches him at the last moment when her conscience prevents her from letting loose.

Elsewhere, Sheryl tries to use Dr. Boggs to get closer to her daughter, but he later finds out the truth. The exorcism begins shortly after as Mathilda maliciously suggests that Kristen’s family might be in danger. Although these warnings initially seem hollow, Kristen is thrown off course after finding the jinn in her backyard. The episode closes with Mathilda watching a fire consume one of her family’s garbage bins.

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