Exclusive Images from the Horror Calendar Gala

The local horror “Fear Calendar” is counting the days to meet the audience..

Indigenous Fear Horror Calendar While counting the days to meet the audience in the vision, special guests watched the film for the first time at the gala held at Sapphire AVM last night. Produced by Dras Film Pictures, written by Esma Şevik and shot in Ağva under the direction of Yunus Şevik, Fear Calendar will take its place in the vision on May 13.

The film Horror Calendar, in which names such as Melisa Seda, Nevin Efe, Zafer Kora, Rümeysa Sarıarslan, Erdal Ayna, Nihat Yılmaz, Muharrem Fındıcak, Oktay Uncu took part, returned with awards from 4 festivals it went to in Europe and America. The subject of the movie, which was met with great interest at the gala, is as follows;

Hulya’s biggest dream is to become a famous actress. Years later, he receives the lead offer that he has been waiting for, but the adventure that started with the unfortunate accident that happened to him on the way to the movie set turns into a nightmare with the start of the shooting of the movie. While Hülya is trying to solve many questions that she does not know the answer to, she finds herself in the middle of a dead end, now all she wants is to get out of this labyrinth.

Horror Calendar ! In theaters on May 3rd!

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