Exclusive information about Commander 66 movie! Do you know who the villain is and when the shooting is all over?

Commander 66

Following Commander Vijay’s Beast, his next film, Commander 66, is now back in the limelight.

Yes, accordingly yesterday the heroine of the film Rashmika and composer SS Daman had officially announced that they are working.

It was followed by the Commander 66 Image Pooja today, in which the photos taken are currently viral on the internet.

Viral photos

Also, Commander 66 has set up a huge set at Gokulam Studios for the first phase of filming, which is said to have taken place over a period of ten days.

Attempts have been made to cast actress Rashmika in the lead roles in films including Master and Beast, but the alliance was postponed and Rashmika has set a date for Commander 66 following Pushpa’s Hindi films.

Leading actor of Tamil cinema Sarath Kumar will also be seen in the film Commander 66, which was revealed only after he attended the pooja. He is also said to be playing the villain in the film.

What actress Rashmika did during Commander 66 Image Pooja! Viral Photos ..

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