Fact information released .. Hush is going to give many surprises in AK61. Vinod

Filming of AK 61 directed by H Vinod and starring Ajith is underway. The shooting of the biggest set in Hyderabad is in full swing. And many years later Ajith will be playing the negative role in this film.

It was also reported that Ajith will be playing a double role in AK 61. The myth that Ajith is playing the role of an old father and another son as his son was published on social media.

It was also rumored that the young Ajith will be paired with Ragul Preeti Singh and Manjuwari will be paired with the father character. But there is credible news to put an end to all this.

Ajith plays only one role in the film. Ajith had already released a photo of himself with a beard. It has been reported that Ajith will be in AK AK 61 with this villain and 43 year old Malayalam actress Manju Warrier will be playing opposite Ajith.

Manju starred opposite Dhanush in the film Warrior Monster. The character he played was well received among the people. In this situation, Ajith is going to act as a partner in Tamil cinema again. And Ajith is a man who can mix and match whatever is bad.

Thus H Vinod is expected to move this film without any hesitation. And the anticipation for the film has increased among the fans as the film is said to be centered on bank robbery as is the web series Mani Heist.

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