Family Karma Season 2 Episode 4: What to Expect?


‘Family Karma’ season 2 released its third episode where the ladies are tied up in a commotion following Reshma’s dramatic exit from the happy hour gathering. It seems like she is tired of the kids calling each other out on differences that could be solved through reason. Meanwhile, Anisha is ready to put herself out there and date someone. For a detailed scoop on the latest episode, you could check out the recap. Before the next episode airs, here’s everything you can expect from ‘Family Karma’ season 2 episode 4!

Family Karma Season 2 Episode 4 Release Date

‘Family Karma’ season 2 episode 4 will release on June 23, 2021, at 9 pm ET on Bravo. The network releases new episodes on a weekly basis, and each episode has a runtime of approximately 60 minutes.

Where to Watch Family Karma Season 2 Episode 4 Online?

Fans can watch ‘Family Karma’ season 2 episode 4 on television by tuning in to the network Bravo at the above-mentioned date and time. If you skip its original premiere, you can watch it later on Bravo’s official website or the Bravo app. Live-streaming options are available on platforms like DirecTVFubo TV, and YouTube TV. In addition, you can buy/rent the episodes through VOD services such as iTunesApple TV, and Amazon Prime Video.

Family Karma Season 2 Episode 4 Spoilers

In the next episode titled ‘Resting Witch Face,’ Vishal and Richa might come to a decision-making point in their relationship. Richa seems to be bothered by his seeming immaturity, while her habit of unknowingly disregarding his efforts is not appreciated by Vishal. The second thing worth discussing is Anisha’s dating life that has just recently begun. We hope that she finds some luck in her next romantic endeavor in the upcoming episode.

Family Karma Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

In ‘Family Karma’ season 2 episode 3, titled ‘So You Think You Can Garba?’ it seems the show is finally moving ahead as Vishal and Richa address their issues. At the Patel household, everyone is still reeling from Reshma’s sudden exit from the happy hour gathering. She later tells Kalpana that she does not want to be involved in the kids’ drama. Elsewhere, Anisha seems ready to get back into the dating business after an uneventful three years after her break-up. She subsequently goes on a FaceTime date with a man named Anish. Although they start off on a really flirtatious note, it doesn’t seem viable because he lives outside Miami. The attention then shifts to Monica Vaswani, who plans an outdoor Navratri puja and party for the community.

This cultured Hindu celebration takes place over nine days and is rooted in Goddess Durga’s ceremonious victory over a demon. However, she does not invite Anisha and her family because of a personal grudge. The highlight of the celebration is the traditional Garba dance, which the host is extremely excited about. The event happens to bring Vishal and Richa together as they discuss their future with each other. But they seem to be on completely different pages, with neither of them understanding what makes each other truly happy. Richa’s mother, Lopa, has been a pillar holding them together till now. Richa explains that her mother’s decision to buy a condo in Miami stems from a need to be closer to her and Vishal. Even though they are completely honest with each other, there are still many hurdles to clear. It’s solely the love that still binds them to each other.

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