Famous actor who gives duff to Ajith .. did you work in a grocery store?

He had done the bike stunt scenes that were featured in the recently released strength film starring Ajith. He went to Kerala for treatment for his injury. So Ajith is interested in bike and car racing. He is currently starring in the film AK61.

Following this, Ajith will act in a film directed by Vignesh Sivan. In this case, Ajith is the only person who can fly in Kollywood cinema. A flight photo of a famous actor giving a duff to himself has been released.

Vinay made his debut in Tamil cinema with the film Unnale Unnale. He acted as a hero in many films following this film. But the reaction was not as well received as expected. Thus began to play the role of the villain.

The detective played the villain through the film and received all the praise. Following this, Sivakarthikeyan starred as a villain in the blockbuster film Doctor. And he was awkward playing the villain in the recently released Anything Dare movie.

He is now more popular as a villain than as a hero. He worked for a whiskey company before entering the film industry. Following this he also worked in a bank. He has come to act in films due to his interest in cinema.

In this situation, the photo of Vinay flying the plane has gone viral on the internet. A photo of Vinay driving a small plane has been released. Vinay and actress Vimala Raman are getting married soon.

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