Famous actor who lost his career due to greed .. Shankar’s hero who fights for success till today

Once a noted director in Tamil cinema, he gave hit films like Empire Thirupachi and Sivakasi. But not all the films he directed after that were so successful.

In that sense, his film Palani was a huge failure. The director will have given an over-buildup to Bharath who played the hero in this film. In addition, the director will have monologue punch dialogues such as Aatha Kulamakki and Kulatta Kuttayakki.

Bharath, who had been giving hit films till then, also became an action hero with this film. Besides, in this film, the director is saying that he wants to act like Bharath.

He thought the same scripture and acted like the original Vijay and was ridiculed and ridiculed by the fans. Usually the film is based on the story of the brother and sister in the film Empire in which the story of the sister, the brother was directing a little change.

Actress Khushbu would have played Bharath’s older sister. Also actress Kajal Agarwal made her debut in Tamil cinema with this film. Despite having so many stars the film embraced failure due to over buildup.

Subsequent films starring actor Bharath after this film also failed. Since then he has been struggling to find a permanent place for himself in cinema. Bharath is currently back in action with the aim of giving a hit somehow. It is noteworthy that the great director Shankar first introduced him in his film Boys

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